Rated the 2nd most active community member on SEOmoz

Recently SEOmoz has released some data for 2012 to show who had the most trafficked posts and who were the most active users on the community. I have noticed that for 2011 and also now 2012 that I was the 2nd most active community member for both years by sheer number of contributions to the SEOmoz website.

See image below for rankings during 2011:

top community member 2011
top community member 2011

See image below for rankings during 2012:

top community member 2012 seomoz
top community member 2012 seomoz

It has not been easy to achieve these above results, it involves hours and hours helping out members on the SEOmoz community and building a presence in the community. I have met numerous people at events and conferences who have mentioned that they have seen me commenting on SEOmoz which is good.

SEOmoz Gift for been a top SEO community member!

So I hope every one had a fantastic New years and Christmas, it feels like it went too quickly in my eyes.

Over the christmas period I was lucky to receive a gift from SEOmoz recently for helping out on the community for the last few years and been a top community member here: http://www.seomoz.org/users and thought I would share an image of the great gift I received:


The gift contained:

– 2 x SEOmoz stickers
– 1 x SEOmoz ruler
– 1 x SEOmoz drink bottle
– 1 x SEOmoz t-shirt
– 1 x SEOmoz key ring

I would like to say thank you to SEOmoz for the gift and I hope to contribute more to the site in 2013, I will be writing a new blog post soon for the site.

How can small business compete with big business SEO?

A question many small businesses ask is:

How can we compete with large business in the search results? They have huge teams, Huge budgets and far more time!

An Answer for Small businesses:

You have to be smart with how you do your SEO, you need to do keyword research at an advanced level, you need to get onto trends before big brands get onto trends by this I mean been first to market with products such as Google+.

How can we do this?

An example of how powerful keyword research can be is if all the big brands are targeting “Car Insurance” it has a competition level of around 95% from our analysis, it would involve far too much time to target this term. The best thing you can do is look for a lower tier, mid level traffic keyword an example could be “Best Car Insurance” with a competition of 52%, so if you are the smaller brand you can not loose focus on going for huge traffic and high competition keywords because it will be a waste of resource.

I have written a guide to doing advanced keyword research here on SEOmoz:


This is only an example of how powerful keyword research can be in the SEO process to isolate the best keywords for you to target.

Have reached “SEO Guru” Status on SEOmoz – James Norquay

So after working very hard on the SEOmoz website for the last few years, writing detailed blog posts such as my post on Advanced Keyword Research for example, helping out with 100’s of questions in the PRO Q&A section, providing free SEO help for the many thousand users on the website and also commenting and contributing on 100’s of different SEO posts to show my insight I have reached the level of SEO GURU (picture below)

SEO GURU Australia
SEO GURU Australia

Along with the rank I am now positioned 12th in the community ranks on SEOmoz http://www.seomoz.org/users, this is out of over 11,783+ global based SEO’s.

About SEOmoz:

SEOmoz is one of the worlds most well known SEO brands online with daily SEO news and information, SEOmoz is an authority in the space. Founded by Rand Fiskin a household name to many in the business.

Have Reached Authority status on SEOmoz

So I have been pretty active on SEOmoz for a few years, in the past I never really posted just read the blog posts on Youmoz nd the main blog yet over the last 18 months I have been quite active on the website and have been posting a fair bit.

I have also made some great connections from SEO moz in both real life at industry events and also via websites such as Twitter and Linkedin.

Another great point is that I am ranked 33rd in the world for SEO’s on the top users section.

SEOmoz profile
SEOmoz profile

Social Influence on Serps

So I think any one who has been working in SEO over the last few years has been hearing and reading a lot of chit chat about the influence of social on search! I know because I have been one of the guys writing a lot of social/seo related content and my job is a Senior SEO and Social Media Specialist.

But I think before every one gets ahead of themselves here we need to remember what is the general public doing and seeing in these search results? I find it kind of funny when SEO moz or the likes do some analysis on their internal SERP from the network they connect with. I mean the results are going to be highly skewed to your own friends content correct (because these are the guys who are highly social savvy) I do not think it is the best guide to take at all.

You really need to shut off all personalization by viewing content in SERPS’s via Ad Preview from Google or by adding &pws=0 to search results, when conducting these tests.

A lot of guys will also ask what can I do to assist social search? Well here is some basic advice –

* Work out which platforms work best for your target market? I mean you are not going to fill up FARK.com buttons on a insurance brands website now are you? But a tech website you may do it.

* You really need to get across all Q&A websites like Quora and the likes as these sites work well.

* You really need to research what social buttons work and which social buttons do not work niche by niche? I mean do In shares work, do FB shares work, do +1’s work?

* Test cool social tools to aid your Social SEO example LIKEPLUS1 –


You need to research,research,research and then keep testing non stop.

I am running many social SEO tests recently and will share bits and pieces as I gather results.

SEO MOZ Expert Quiz worth taking a look at!

SEO MOZ is a great little quiz for SEO’s to test their skills sure it is not that hard if you have been doing SEO for a few years. But I am sure their are 1 or 2 questions which will stump you for a little but.

I suggest all SEO’s check out the test, I really hope SEO Moz releases a new version of the test with some different questions =)


Post how you scored below =)

Problems with SEO MOZ tools, has gone crazy on me =)

So I use SEO MOZ tools a fair bit, along with a swagger of other SEO related tools it works quite well.

I was testing out one of their new tools in the labs section, Advanced Link Finder, seemed to work fine for a few moments and then I refreshed the screen and it went crazy on me spitting out a bunch of code. I realize these tools are not final versions yet still have never seen something like this on SEO MOZ.


I think it is back to testing for this tool =) Has any one seen a problem with a SEO MOZ tool.