What is Google Enhanced PPC Site Links

Google has rolled out new PPC enhanced site links, these site links are not like the old style they take up for more real estate on branded search term pages.

Enhanced site links google
Enhanced site links google

Special thank you to Stephanie who works with me who sent me across this update.

Google PPC new ad site links change for brand search

An interesting new change has been developed over the last few days in Google for some brands we see a change to the site links format where you have multiple tabs for large brands now showing. This change will draw even further traffic from organic results on brand terms, I am sure it will also have a direct impact on PPC for brand terms.


New 6 ad site links on Google PPC

So Google seems to be testing a new 6 ad site links on ad units on PPC listings as seen below :

Google Adwords 6 site links
Google Adwords 6 site links

What are your thoughts on this new Google change for PPC please post below:

Top Google Adwords Spenders in June 2010

Google Spend june 2010
Google Spend june 2010

A very interesting report has been released by Ad Age in the US showing leaked data from Google US, this data gives some interesting insights into how much specific advertisers such as AT&T and Expedia are spending on a monthly basis.

These figures are quite large in comparison to the Australian market, yet we will have some high profile clients in Australia spending healthy amounts with Google.

Interesting take aways were that BP was a big spender in June due to the oil spill problems and AT&T with the iPhone 4 release also was a cash cow.

How to show map extensions and sitelinks in page google ads?

How to show map extensions and site links in page Google ads?

Well as many in the paid search world know Google recently allowed Adwords users to use site links and map listings for brand terms.
It was a great way to drive a higher CTR to a brand website, yet Google then turned its back on the original decision and decided
to make users pick between 1. A map extension 2. Site link extension. Today a search specialist at my work had a chat with a Google
product specialist and have have said if you want both site links and map extensions “The Quality Score must be significantly high”
this is not a accurate number of how much quality score or other metrics you need, but it shows that it is possible to achieve
both site links and site maps at the same time on paid ads.