Google Penguin Roll Out October 18th

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Google Penguin Roll Out October 18th

Over the past 12 hours today their has been plenty of discussion online regarding a fresh penguin roll out in various markets around the world. This could be a test yet from the amount of discussion and the movements we are seeing it seems far to big to be a test. Many Affiliates and well […]

Not provided keyword data to be 100% by the end of the year

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Google has given SEO’s an early Christmas present (roll eyes). They have rolled out new SSL changes to make all searches on organic search now come up as “Not provided” data segment. The issue with this is that currently where websites see possibly 50% of the keyword referral data from SEO it will probably be […]

Five Interesting Images and Insights from Google Webspam

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Recently I saw a presentation from Google Web Spam, from this presentation I have used five key slides I would like to share with the readers on my blog. These are slides where I found the information interesting and worth sharing. Image 1 – Shows the Manual Spam Actions taken by Google between 2004-2012. As […]

Search Trick for Good Friday Love Heart Graph

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So its the Easter weekend, I hope every one has been having fun, I thought I would share a great Google search tricks/ graphs you can generate, I have blogged about them numerous times in the past. Today a mate of mine William Chen posted up a new one which I felt was worth sharing. […]

Things to do in Sydney new SERP Change on Google!

A buddy of mine in the office Chris Hockin, has alerted me of a new search development which I have never seen before on Google. when you search for “Things to do in Sydney” their is a new widget with scrolling images. (see below) After further research it does seem that this is a new […]

Further Questions with an Ex-Search Quality Team Member Andre Weyher

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Over the last few weeks we have received many questions from readers on this blog and I also received several messages on Twitter to do a follow up interview with Andre (the Ex Google Search Quality members) to answer some questions and provide clarification towards specific points from his last interview here. Question 1. How […]

An Interview with an EX-Member of Matt Cutts’s Search Quality team!

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Today we have something special for the readers of, I have an exclusive interview with Andre Weyher. I first met Andre at a Search Industry event in Sydney and was intrigued too see why some one who use to work with Matt Cutts had moved to Sydney, if he could possibly share any “secret […]

Could the new Google Layout look like this?

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Google has been rumored to be making changes to its search layout the nav bar has been roumored to move from the left side to below the search box, could we see layouts looking like the below: Current Google search navigation: Potential new Google search navigation with new ads:

Google+ Events – A new development on Google+

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Google has rolled out yet another feature onto Google+ been Google+ events, this new feature seems to be similar to Facebook events, yet some good features which set it apart from the Facebook offering. I really think google+ is setting the benchmark for pictures, my sister who recently was on a 8 month holiday and […]

Google Paid Advertising on the rise!

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It is evident that Google is pushing more and more advertising for key terms in the US market, I mean just looking at the image below we see the future view of the term “gold rings”: Is this advertising overkill?

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