New Google Maps Changes see larger images and maps!

Today I noticed some more interesting changes with Google maps which I had not previously in the past. We see that the maps listings are far larger then in the past. This new change is evident on several variations of the Google places product. 1. Single location listing, larger location and images from places. 2. […]

The evident loss of Google Places reviews for the term “Sydney Restaurant”

Posted by on Aug 1, 2011 in Google Places | One Comment

Last week we saw an interesting move by Google (confirmed on the official blog) It seems that all citation data from 3rd party sources has been removed from Google places, Anyone who has worked in Google Places knows that Review data is highly important, Reviews are like Links for ranking withing Google Places and […]

Does Google give prefrence to its own products in organic ranks?

So last week I was doing some analysis on search terms as I do on a daily basis, and I searched the term “Places”, What I found was interesting it seemed that Facebook was ranking in position 1 for the keyword “places” with personalization off. (View below image) Now I tried the same search term […]

Google Kills off Citation data from Google Places listings!

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So I have been putting the message out into the global market about the problems around Google Places citation data for quite some time, if not for the last 18 months I have been blogging about this issues, I have had two posts featured on sites like Search Engine Land and many other search marketing […]

More huge problems with citations on Google Places!

Posted by on Jul 18, 2011 in Google Places | 14 Comments

So I have been posting about Google places several times in the past, showing some of the problems I have been experience and asking Google to fix these issues, in some cases you are dealing with very high traffic terms so I am dumbfounded when these problems with citations are not fixed for months if […]

Companies need to monitor their Google Places Review content!

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So I have noticed something very interesting on Google places from a friend at work, this is an example of how one Google places review can damage a business example: Has any one else seem a similar example of a Google Review gone wrong?

Google Pleace Review Data Sucks

Posted by on Nov 23, 2010 in Google Places | One Comment

I recently posted about Google Place Problems on my blog and the more and more I research into Google places the more problems you find. Take a look at the number one Places listing for “Hotels Sydney” This term gets around 6,000 searches a month so traffic is quite good one would think. Yet taking […]

Massive Problem with Google Local Search & Places Reviews

Posted by on Nov 4, 2010 in Google Places | 13 Comments

Over the last week I have been conducing some heavy research into Google Places after the big changes recently and I have noticed a huge problem with the review data. Any one who optimizes for Google local will know that Review data is an important factor, especially for the high level keywords which can drive […]