10 tips to get more traffic from Google Images!

So over the last few years I have been using Google Images to drive traffic to a numerous number of web properties for my own projects and also for client related project I work on. An example looking at one of my personal websites from last year we see some decent levels of traffic coming […]

Things to do in Sydney new SERP Change on Google!

A buddy of mine in the office Chris Hockin, has alerted me of a new search development which I have never seen before on Google. when you search for “Things to do in Sydney” their is a new widget with scrolling images. (see below) After further research it does seem that this is a new […]

New Google Image Search Not That Great!

Google released the new Google Image search function yesterday, really cool function, yet a similar product to Tiny Eye. I decided to do a few tests with my own images to see the result (here is what Google Image Search) pulled – The funny thing is that in image one I do not look like […]

Some interesting changes to Google Images for the Pippa Middleton Search term!

I was checking out Google images before doing a bit of a search for “Pippa Middleton” the sister of Kate Middleton from the royal wedding. I noticed something a little different I have not seen on Google image search in the past but time stamps for specific websites to show how new the image has […]