Facebook New Search Box, Real or Fake?

Today I saw a interesting post and image on All Facebook they claim to have found Facebook testing a new search box which will site next to the internal search on Facebook. (Refer to the image below)

New Search feature on Facebook
New Search feature on Facebook

Facebook has came out to the public and said that this is a malware problem and not a new feature!

But really it would be very interesting if Facebook does decide to bring out something like this in the near future.

Charlie Sheen Gets back his Domain name charliesheen.com

For any one who has been following the Charlie Sheen developments over the last few weeks, you be be well aware that Charlie Sheen is building a strong following via social media channels. He built 1 million followers on Twitter in 1 day, He is building strength via uStream and other website where thousands to millions of users want to know what he is saying and in the blogasphere he is going crazy.

In the middle of all this I was wondering why is Charlie Sheen building up a social presence on Twitter and other websites which he does not technically own, I decided to check out Charliesheen.com and see who owned it to my dismay it was pulling up a 404 error page. I instantly did a who is check which allows me to see who owns the domain name, some company called Alberta Hot Rods owns the domain for many years interesting.

Yesterday I saw Charlie put up a tweet, saying he had taken his domain back from the Troll, now he owns it because if you visit charliesheen.com you see his website come up –

charliesheen.com domain name
charliesheen.com domain name

Charlie is Winning once again taking the domain from Albert Hot Rods and now owning it, I am sure he can make his personal brand via social media even stronger now with a domain name to divert all this traffic back too.

The Huge Problem with Facebook Like Buttons

Well over the last few weeks users on Facebook will have been seeing some interesting changes. Facebook recently changes the way liked content looks on Facebook so now you have a meta description and a image on your Facebook content and you also get a nice little image which is automatically taken from your websites page.

These changes are great for any one who does ethical marketing via Facebook, the problem is Spammers have decided to also embrace these new changes to spam Facebook.

The way they do this is by using Layering to overlap the Like button, so every time a user clicks play on a Video which is usually taken from a Youtube page, this is then automatically liked back to the Facebook page of the user. This in turn instantly creates a chain effect with various users all linking up the content over and over instantly it can bring you 100,000+ visitors to your domain in a day via a chain effect.

Here are some examples of this spam in action on a users page from the Facebook wall – (website for spammer removed)

Facebook Problem layering likes
Facebook Problem layering likes

This is the view from the spammers website – (website for spammer removed)

Facebook problem likes
Facebook problem likes

Then when you click play on these websites it links automatically back to your Facebook – (website for spammer removed)

facebook problem likes
facebook problem likes

Here is the coding that these spammers are using to do this via the source code (I edited a bit out) –

layering CSS
layering CSS

Why am I even blogging about this?

I know posting this post will piss people off (spammers mostly), but really read any where on the way this stuff is all over forums, the reason been if you want to do ethical marketing via Facebook they are just going to change the liked content back to the old method which drops the CTR.

I can seven see liked content in the future been banned from the Wall, which will totally suck because so many spammers use .

It is not hard to find this been used on Facebook over the last few weeks I have seen it every day on my personal account.

Lil Wayne Shows how powerful he is with Social Media

Lil Wayne is probably not a house hold name in Australia. Yet in the USA and Europe he is one of the biggest entertainers. Lil Wayne’s digital marketing team recently noticed Oreo was running a competition to have the most likes on a post in 24 hours. When Lil Wayne’s team saw this they thought it would be interesting to see what kind of traffic they could get. Lil Wayne received around 200,000 likes to his posts whilst Oreo’s could only manage 50,000 in the 24 hour period. It shows that popular musicians can some times be way more powerful at promoting a brand via social media in comparison to the brand. Consumers listen to their favorite artists they buy what they wear they want what they have. (Refer to the image below to see how the competition ended up)

lil wayne facebook likes
lil wayne facebook likes

Changes to Facebook Pages

Today Facebook will change brands pages once again, this change is designed to allow Facebook pages to look more like normal profile pages and to increase the use of these pages.

Facebook Pages Changes
Facebook Pages Changes

Changes include the following –

* Pages look like normal profiles
* New admin controls
* Ability to interact on Facebook with your page more.
* Changes to make the fan experience better for fans.

New Facebook profiles coming live today!

Here is a video I saw Facebook just release, basically Facebook are bringing out new Facebook profiles which have an emphasis on photos and the about me section seems to have been moved to the top of the page the a flash style rotating picture feed.

View the video below to check out the changes –

The only downside to any change on Facebook is people ask how do we get the old profile back! I do not want to change ect ect, so this is quite a big change for Facebook.

Will be interesting to see the impacts.

New Facebook Messages Spam

Well Facebook has been talking up its new messaging system, but I think their are still huge vulnerabilities with the Facebook message system I have seen several examples of people spamming this messaging system. The latest example is from a friend on my Facebook sending out un solicited messages and this spam seems to link up and re send the message to even more people. I will admit one of my personal computers were hit with DR Malware software which I was un able to remove with megabytes and also via safe mode due to the fact the malware had spread over my system files so I had to re install windows and wipe every thing. This just increases the need for Facebook to increase security for users to stop this type of stuff happening.
(live example of this spam on Facebook, I have removed user names)



Myspace integrates Facebook Like Data

MySpace users can now log in using Facebook and leverage their collection of Facebook “Likes” to instantly create a highly personalized entertainment experience on MySpace. MySpace already announced and launched their new entertainment-focused mission, and Facebook has been integrated into more than one million websites. Do you feel this new move to see Facebook data on Myspace will have a impact on the user base of the once number 1 social portal.

The video below shows the changes that we can expect to see on Myspace –

Mashup your Facebook Likes on Myspace

Myspace | Myspace Video

Bing and Facebook Social Search SEO Video

I blogged some time ago about the changes which have been happening with Bing and how search is becoming
more social and integrating Facebook data.

I noticed this when using Bing before, that these new changes had been integrated, where if you search for peoples names
it brings up Facebook data based on your connections.

Also when you search for a product or service if your friends have liked this specific product it will show
highly in results.

This puts emphasis on making sure that you have developed your Facebook Social Media and SEO strategy in unison, it also is crucial that you develop your SEO capabilities with the open graph API on Facebook and when you integrate Facebook buttons on your website that you use suitable keywords.

I can see a big future in social media and SEO and been involved with both for the last few years these moves are very interesting to me.

Check out the video below for more insight into this Bing move –