Facebook’s new Graph Search will be a game changer!

So if you have been reading the search news today I am sure you have read a article or ten about the new Facebook graph search which will be rolled out around the globe in the next few weeks, some users are lucky enough to sign up to the beta here: http://www.facebook.com/graphsearch

So what’s so interesting about this product is that it changes the way people do search on Facebook. Firstly Facebook will redesign the UX of the top half of the site to push more search use (see image below of this change, using my own account as an example)

Facebook UX Graph Search
Facebook UX Graph Search

Further to this Facebook will then push people to search the following areas more on the site for some of the areas below:

– Search for Friends
– Search for Photos
– Search for Restaurants
– Search for Games
– Search for Music
– Search over quotes and status’s I have liked.

What I think this opens up is a whole new area for people doing localized search, so if you do not have a brand page set up for your local business you will be missing out on traffic.

It will be an interesting space over the next 12 months to see how Facebook develops this product further.

Facebook Offers – Seems you can literally offer anything!

So today I have noticed an interesting offer on Facebook where a business has offered “free high-fives” (see below) it got me thinking you could really make any thing an offer.


Now here is an example of in my eyes how Offers could alliteratively be used, where you have a physical good and it is offered for free with a purchase or at a discount price or where you are provided with a promo code (see below)


I decided to look into Facebook Terms and Conditions around offers, in my eyes the offers rules are pretty lax at the moment. From the rules it is evident that any type of offer and get accepted on Facebook at the moment (see quote from terms and conditions below)

“Facebook may not be a suitable place for every type of offer, and you are solely responsible for determining if Facebook is the appropriate forum for your offer.”

Have you see some funny offers on Facebook please post them below!

Mark Zukerberg Gets Married at a surprise ceremony!

Mark Zukerberg Gets Married
Mark Zukerberg Gets Married

In an event which has come unknown Mark Zukerberg has married long term girlfriend in his backyard in Palo Alto. Guests were under the impression that they were attending celebrations for Miss Chen’s Med graduation yet really it was a suprise wedding similar to Michael Clark in Australia this year.

I guess this makes Mr and Mrs Zukerberg one of the wealthiest couples under 30 in the world.

The wedding was first posted on Marks official Facebook page to over 13 million viewers.






Facebook Launches New Brand Page Timelines

Facebook over the last 24 hours have launched the new brand time lines, I have been involved with 3 pages launching these mew changes. What this means is that Facebook pages will now look like Facebook profiles, this is a great change for brands because it makes brand pages look more graphical on the cover picture.

Other changes are the main image for your page will also be smaller so it may be advisable to use the brand image in this section, another change is the about me section has moved across, also with apps you can now add 4 apps in the main profile section and an additional 12 on page.

Another important point: You can no longer make Facebook landing pages for users who are not fans of the page, this was a great way to drive engagement with users, yet Facebook has now stopped using it.

A great exmaple of a brand using Facebooks new brand timelines well is Livestrong which can be seen here:

facebook brand page timelines
facebook brand page timelines

So why wait sign up for a brand page timeline here or edit your current page: http://www.facebook.com/about/pages

Facebook beats Google for display advertising spend!

Today eMarketer has released research showing how Facebook is once again on top of Google for display advertising spend, yet trends show that by next year Google should once more reign supreme. Their is also a downward trend of Yahoo over the next few years. A question is: will wee see a new player in this space in years to come? Only time will tell.


source: eMarketer.

Facebook Scam Free Giftcards

So recently on Facebook and Twitter I have been seeing a lot of people re-sharing this Jb Hi Fi free $200 gift cards. The creators have even been setting up Facebook Groups for this event.

Now the thing is their is no free gift cards it is all a scam to get people onto these fake websites, I mean come on if Jb Hi Fi was running a campaign would they use a .info domain and would it be registered in the Bahamas?

Example of the event for the “Free giftcards” below:

jbhifi giftcards
jbhifi giftcards

So please every one over christmas watch out for these scams and fake websites some tips to know if something is usually a scam:

– It is running on a .info domain.
– the website is very poor in design something like just a white background.
– The prize is too good to be true, I mean no one is going to pay $200 to every one who shares something!

Facebook Pages see a new feature “Talking About”

Facebook has brought out a new Function on Facebook pages along with a roll out of new Facebook features this new function is called “talking about the page”.
It shows up when ever some one posts on the pages wall, some one likes the page, commening photos, video or any page content, rsvping to an event, mentioning a page, tagging photos, licing a deal or checking in at a place.

Another interesting development from Facebook to show user interaction with the specific page:

Lil Wayne Talking About Facebook
Lil Wayne Talking About Facebook

The Growth of Facebook Advertising Infographic

Facebook with out a doubt is one of the hottest web properties in todays market. And advertising on Facebook once a no-no is now a huge money maker and market leader. Facebook currently owns a decent size percentage of Market share and is creeping up and up on Google’s strangle hold on the market.
The info graphic below shows how explosive this growth is –

The growth of Myspace Advertising
The growth of Myspace Advertising

source: eMarketer
Now the main Question is are you advertising on Facebook?

Company Website or Facebook Page?

facebook or business website
facebook or business website

A common question been asked over and over but many in the industry is should I have just a Facebook page and no company website? Well the answer is NO. Why would you only have a Facebook page and leave the risk of having the page banned. Your Website needs to act as your home base so to say and your social media properties been Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr need to act as your channels which all should link back to your home base.

Other things to think about when only having a Facebook page is if you do SEO link building for your Facebook page all the links are going to be benefiting the facebook.com root domain and not your own website.

Another issue is Facebook can take action at any time to your Facebook page, you have no control over your Facebook page if it is your sole web property.

Sure enough be a highly active user on Facebook but my advice DO NOT use facebook as your home base it is a recipe for problems.