Reasons why Quality Exact Match Domains are still working for SEO

Recently I was browsing online forums in the domain world, as I am personally really interested in domain names as I have been buying and selling domain names for over 8 years. For as long as I can remember domain names and SEO have pretty much gone hand in hand with SEO, as does web […]

Reactions to the recent Exact Match Domain changes in Google Australia!

So over the last few days there have been some changes from the Australian market and global markets targeting Exact Match Domains, I have sourced together a few quotes from Australian website owners who have been directly hit by this update, please note these are not clients of mine just members from the general publish […]

Google Rolls out update to target Exact Match Domain names!

Google last Friday released an update to target exact match domain names, Google has said they will target Exact Match Domains which are low quality (see Matt Cutt’s post below from Twitter) This is an interesting change for Google from any one who owns domain names and has a large number of domains in your […] sells for over $250,000

Today we have seen a great sale of an Australian domain name been the domain was sold via eBay for $250,000 which is interesting for a high value generic domain, I was surprised to see the domain not sold via a private broker. Also with selling via something such as eBay you limit the […]

The Exact Match Domain debate for SEO

What is a exact match domain or a (EMD)? This is a Question commonly asked question by many in the online marketing field. Well a Exact match domain is the exact version of the keyword you are going to target within the domain name itself. This has been a great little SEO benefit for many […]