How the Australian search query SEO has changed 3.5 years!

Today working on a specific project I noticed a screen shot from May 2011 showing who was currently ranking for the query “SEO”. If we notice in 2011 Google only had 1 Ad above the fold, compare that with today we notice 7 ads above the fold on search results. We can also note how […]

Advanced Online Marketing Sydney Event October 22nd

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On the 22nd of October Prosperity Media will be hosting an Advanced Online Marketing event at the Vibe Hotel in North Sydney. The event will run between – 1pm – 6pm 1.00 pm – 1.10 pm – Event Start & Introduction. 1.10 pm – 1.50 pm – Fab Capodicasa 1.50 pm – 2.30 pm – […]

Highlights from SMX Sydney 2014

Posted by on Jun 11, 2014 in Australian SEO | 3 Comments

SMX Sydney wrapped up for another year a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to be part of all key events. I have decided to share some notes I took from the conference along with some photos from the various events. Please be aware you may find some spelling mistakes and also limited […]

Business updates and plans for 2014

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Hello everyone I hope you have had a great start to 2014, it is crazy that we have already had 50 days into 2014. Things have been crazy so far in 2014 from a business point of view, recently the company I founded (Prosperity Media) moved into new offices in Sydney CBD (view photos of […]

How Kogan is winning Click Frenzy with Smart PR and SEO

Posted by on Nov 19, 2013 in Australian SEO | One Comment

So over the past 24 hours we have noticed Kogan doing some smart PR where he “leaked” the deals for his Click Frenzy offers and also started his “Click Frenzy” site around 12 hours earlier compared to the organizers site. Kogan has also claimed that it is unfair that one organisation controls Click Frenzy and […]

How I turned a $200 inheritance into $xx,xxx from SEO

So any time some one hears the word “inheritance” they instantly thing millions and millions of dollars yet in most cases this is not the case and personally I never like to think about inheritances I would rather be self made when it comes to money. Today I have a different story about a family […]

The State of SEO in Australia

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in Australian SEO | One Comment

Some one asked me a question recently at an event, they said: “James if you were going to pick some one to do your SEO who would it be?” Now I take a look at the Australian market and some of the strategies that companies are using, some of these strategies really do shock you, […]

Tips for selecting a company to do your SEO

So it is the start of the tax year in Australia, businesses have more budgets and most are starting to select new companies to work with for the next financial year, some companies may already have tendered out their SEO or online marketing. Yet some times their is common uncertainty by Online Marketing Managers and […]

10 content marketing for SEO and a blog update

Hello every one, I hope you have been well. Firstly I just wanted to say thank you if you are reading my blog, sorry I have not been posting as much in recently times as I have been very busy consulting for a select group of clients I work with at my new company and […]

12 Top Picks for SMX Sydney are you attending?

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Last year I was lucky enough to speak at SMX Sydney on the main stage to talk about the subject of Effective In-House SEO where I talked about my time working for Virgin Mobile as a lead SEO. This year I have decided to attend as a general guest. It is going to be interesting […]

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