Instapage vs Leadpages – PPC Gorilla Marketing Battle

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Instapage vs Leadpages – PPC Gorilla Marketing Battle

So today I noticed some aggressive PPC marketing by both Instapage and Leadpages: When you search for Leadpages the first PPC result is for Instapage as per below: When you search for Instapage the second PPC result is run by Leadpages: Now from a conversions point of view it is evident that these tactics may […]

Google Analytics “not provided” keyword data segment debate!

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So I am sure any one who works in the online world, especially in SEO and Analytics has heard about Google blocking keyword search data for logged in users. What this change has done is make any user who is logged into Google when search reveal their data as been “not provided”, this is not […]

Some Google Analytics Stats for my website + Another site I own!

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So I thought I would post up some analytic stats for one of the websites I currently own and also for this personal blog. I have been running this site for the best part of a Year now and traffic is increasing but as we are in a niche area been SEO and domaining primarily […]

Blog Traffic for November

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So I decided I will start making my blog traffic stats public each month to see if I can beat the previous month hits, I think beating November stats will be hard as I was featured on Search Engine Land and SEO MOZ Blogs during this month and it provided me with a very good […]