Instapage vs Leadpages – PPC Gorilla Marketing Battle

So today I noticed some aggressive PPC marketing by both Instapage and Leadpages:

When you search for Leadpages the first PPC result is for Instapage as per below:


When you search for Instapage the second PPC result is run by Leadpages:


Now from a conversions point of view it is evident that these tactics may work. Yet the question it so what degree!
In some cases this strategy can make your brand look less favorable if you go into the market and attack another company. In this case each company is going after one another so you would say it is fair. Yet in a high end brand situation it could be risky to employ such tactics via PPC.

From a search volume point of view Leadpages is the clear winner as per trends data below, so you can see why brands are hitting the terms hard –


If you pull competitive data on both of the companies you see they also must run clients Adwords from sub domains within the specific sites which is interesting to see.

Overall I thought this specific case of brand term marketing was a interesting one.

The question is would you employ this strategy for your company?

Google Analytics “not provided” keyword data segment debate!

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

So I am sure any one who works in the online world, especially in SEO and Analytics has heard about Google blocking keyword search data for logged in users. What this change has done is make any user who is logged into Google when search reveal their data as been “not provided”, this is not good at all from an Analytics perspective, but in the end of the day the only ones losing out are the users because website owners can now not view correct referral stats to create content based on these stats, you want to provide users with what they are searching for right? I think internal search data may be the next bet for that?

In regards to the impact of this change, I took some data for 1 site from the Australian market as a comparison, using the last 15 days in October and compared it with November data to see the not provided traffic segment (this data was from non paid organic traffic. I have rounded the data to 200k for both segments, both segments were very close to that range.

October 15th – 31st

(not provided – 381)/ 200,000 (rounded) = 0.17%

Now we compare that with the November traffic segment:

1st November – 15th November

(not provided)

(not provided – 2,566)/ 200,000 (rounded) = 1.29%

Will be interesting to compare the next 15 days.

It is evident at this stage that their has been a strong increase in the data not provided for the month of November.

Let me know your thoughts on this one?

Some Google Analytics Stats for my website + Another site I own!

So I thought I would post up some analytic stats for one of the websites I currently own and also for this personal blog.

I have been running this site for the best part of a Year now and traffic is increasing but as we are in a niche area been SEO and domaining primarily it is not easy to get crazy bursts of traffic so I have also included a example from another property I own which is in the entertainment sector. I also only started this website in the last 6 months.
One of my personal sites:

James has had the following stats.
6,059 visitors
11,000 Pageviews
1.82 Pages per visitor.
63.36% average bounce rate.
1.22 average time on site.
86.04% of visitors are new.

James norquay analytics
James norquay analytics

Personal Website has had the following stats
Since October we have had over:
242,257 visitors
454,889 Pageviews
1.88 Pages/visit
63.07 bounce Rate
56 second average time on site
87% of visitors are new.

James norquay stats
James norquay stats

Blog Traffic for November

So I decided I will start making my blog traffic stats public each month to see if I can beat the previous month hits, I think beating November stats will be hard as I was featured on Search Engine Land and SEO MOZ Blogs during this month and it provided me with a very good amount of traffic for one of my articles. Here is an image of what the traffic look like for November as per Google Analytics –

blog traffic
blog traffic

We had over 961 unique visitors to the blog, with over 2,197 page views.

Bounce rate was not too flash with over 62%, Avrage time on site was close to 2 minutes and
84% of traffic were new visitors.