Powerhouse Fitness have great Online Marketing here is why!

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Recently I have noticed two fantastic campaigns by a UK company called Powerhouse Fitness. I give them both 10/10 for creativity. First they rolled out some “different” paid search ads: When you searched for numerous keywords like “Light Weight” or “Small Weight” in UK Serps you saw the following ADS. These ads really make you […]

iPad Google Ads take up first 9 positions!

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Today I was doing some analysis on my iPad for a term, and I saw something crazy I have never witnessed before. The first 9 listings for this specific search query were all paid search terms. Luckily I had my video camera ready and took some footage of this. On page 1 – 6 paid […]

Google Adwords capacha has a dirty mind!

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We were conducting some Keywords Research today on Google and look what capacha decided to bring up hehe =)

Top Google Adwords Spenders in June 2010

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A very interesting report has been released by Ad Age in the US showing leaked data from Google US, this data gives some interesting insights into how much specific advertisers such as AT&T and Expedia are spending on a monthly basis. These figures are quite large in comparison to the Australian market, yet we will […]

How to show map extensions and sitelinks in page google ads?

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How to show map extensions and site links in page Google ads? Well as many in the paid search world know Google recently allowed Adwords users to use site links and map listings for brand terms. It was a great way to drive a higher CTR to a brand website, yet Google then turned its […]