Business updates and plans for 2014

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Hello everyone I hope you have had a great start to 2014, it is crazy that we have already had 50 days into 2014.

Things have been crazy so far in 2014 from a business point of view, recently the company I founded (Prosperity Media) moved into new offices in Sydney CBD (view photos of the office here). The business has also taken on a range of new clients while still working with a large number of existing clients. The market has really been pushing for high quality SEO & Inbound Marketing services and the demand for quality if high.

Now I have not posted on my personal blog since the end of November 2013 which shows how busy the last few months have been. Yet I plan on changing that with more on going updates in 2014 to my personal blow and also business blogs.

To start 2014 fresh I have decided to re brand the logo on this site, see the new logo below my designer made which I have updated tonight –
James Norquay

In addition to this here are some up coming plans for 2014 and beyond –

1. Take on more consulting business + grow the team further (Ideally we will be growing the business to increase revenue whilst bringing on more new staff at the same time)
2. Speak at more industry events (We have a few great events lined up for 2014 already so things are looking great)
3. Continue with running meetup events (Currently I run 3 meetup events on a monthly basis and attend many more, so ideally I want to only run 2 of these and will hand the ownership of one to a friend)
4. Run more training sessions (I really have a passion for training courses and teaching others about online so this is an area I have been keen to grow)
5. Reduce other business dealings (I deal in domain training and also website development as well, I have numerous web properties, I have decided to sell most of that side of the business off as it takes too much time and I would rather focus on other areas. That been said I will still try to be active in the domain community. Also I get around five or so offers to join on JV web projects a month, thanks for the offer everyone yet I really do not have the time sorry.
6. Travel more (Ideally I would like one decent trip in 2014 so we will see)
7. Make some other big moves (Some other exciting plans are in stall for 2014 so please stay tuned.)

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