Australian SEO companies Guaranteeing results!

Ok so recently I see more and more Australian companies offering number #1 spots on Google.

This is getting worse and worse in the Australian market with more fly by night SEO companies coming into the market and throwing around these claims.

An Example of “Guaranteed results” are from one website, which I have removed –


The thing is you go to these guys and say ok what keywords can you guarantee number one ranks on? Can you rank my affiliate site for “Credit Card” with 100% ethical tactics in 1 month?

They come back with an answer saying yeah we can guarantee ranks on “Fishing hotel Sydney buy now 2011” or some brand terms in your domain WOW that is going to drive a crazy CPA…

The thing is Google even advises companies not to use this strategy here:

Google Stance on guaranteed results
Google Stance on guaranteed results


Who else has a view on this dodgy strategy!

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  1. I guess at the end of the day you’d hope that businesses are smart enough to know that no one is searching for those sorts of terms and when they ask to be ranked for real terms the businesses offering the guarantees have to decline or risk offering a refund.

  2. downside to most of this crap is that’s Google Places which is free and they charge an ongoing fee to umm… maintain your places listing….

    problem is that business buys into it and will happily take the risk as they get sold on the idea of great return if it works…

    more reasons why we need SMEs and business coming along to our seo meetups as they can get a simple but frank discussion on this crap that costs everyone in the long term

  3. Hi David,

    I agree you do not need maintenance for places listing if you only have like 5 listings. But if you manage around 1000+ places listings for a business then you do need to do some up keep on listings at a reasonable price.

    The meet up’s are great I agree but the thing which is holing them back is the awareness for them. I was having a chat with a guy who owns a big agency here in Sydney I told him about the meet ups and he had never heard of them, said he will send some people down.

  4. businesses are becoming more aware as to what is needed to get to page one and they are starting to insist that their initial website is google friendly and is a CMS. Any one I meet i advise them to be wary of people offering these as already pointed out, the phrases they will target are long tail and will not drive any real traffic.

    best way to counter these scammers is to keep the info out there that these companies are not worth the time of day

  5. We see this regularly, and a lot of company’s fall for this, get poor results, and then want nothing to do with the industry after that because they have been burned.

    In saying that,I think overall most SME’s are starting to get a better idea of what is going on in the industry, and allot more are starting to conduct research into this..

  6. I’m well aware who the above provider is and what they would and wouldn’t guarantee. They certainly wouldn’t provide a guarantee on an affiliate site for a keyword such as credit card, nor would they suggest useless non/low traffic long tail keywords.

    The guarantee offered above is always mutually agreed and is for suitable keywords that generate genuine traffic. The guarantee is there to protect both the business owner and to pressure the SEO provider to deliver results. It is not in either parties interest to quote keywords that are too broad, generic or unachievable to budget as both lose out from either waiting for high end keywords to be achieved or from a guarantee being met on low volume, useless keywords.

    I think it’s important to note that the guarantee above is that if results are not achieved within the agreed timeframe then the client stops paying until they are. That is not to say that the company promises absolutely the keywords will be there within 90 days, more so that the pressure is on the company to perform to ensure the guarantee is met and to protect the client from non-performance.

    I do understand your sentiment behind guarantees – I have the same view and have written articles before citing the same as you, but sometimes they can be mutually beneficial. It is, in ways, better than paying a provider a flat fee for 12 months with zero results which, as you know, happens way too often and gives SEO companies/agencies an even worse reputation in the industry.

  7. You shouldn’t promote yourself as offering guarantees. If you are then obviously you’re going against Google’s guidelines and seeing that 90% of SME’s don’t know that, of course there is a market for it as it’s an appealing “offer” for someone with little to no idea about how the industry works.

    For me, these companies prey on the ill informed which is blatant bad practice simply for profit. I have seen this in the industry for years. Company’s I have spoken to who have taken up on these offers most of them end up in court rooms. In saying that some get the desired results.

    If you do research for a particular company, and they have the ability to rank for chosen keywords in the number one spot, then why not? Organise an agreement with them, and show them the results. (That’s only of course if you can’t pull them to the real world with proper SEO education and win them over with previous track records and an overall good feeling they will get about working with an honest company)

    In summery, this has not changed in years, and will not I believe. As it evolves, there will always be a way for these cowboys to find a spot in the industry.

    Yet I believe with proper education clients are seeing and understanding the value in SEO, and of course, dealing with a company who cares.

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