Facebook Scam Free Giftcards

So recently on Facebook and Twitter I have been seeing a lot of people re-sharing this Jb Hi Fi free $200 gift cards. The creators have even been setting up Facebook Groups for this event.

Now the thing is their is no free gift cards it is all a scam to get people onto these fake websites, I mean come on if Jb Hi Fi was running a campaign would they use a .info domain and would it be registered in the Bahamas?

Example of the event for the “Free giftcards” below:

jbhifi giftcards
jbhifi giftcards

So please every one over christmas watch out for these scams and fake websites some tips to know if something is usually a scam:

– It is running on a .info domain.
– the website is very poor in design something like just a white background.
– The prize is too good to be true, I mean no one is going to pay $200 to every one who shares something!

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