After 4 years on Kogans email list it was time to unsubscribe!

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So today I decided to unsubscribe from Kogans email list. The reason is they are sending 5 emails a day with pretty much the same products and same titles. I do not know who is managing emails at Kogan yet they are clearly doing a poor job in my eyes. Example below of what you can expect on a daily Kogan email list from the 30th and also from today.


Compare this back in 2009 when they may send one email max a day:


That being said I was also surprised at the poorly optimized unsubscribe page Kogan was using. It really gave you no option to reduce the frequency of emails been sent. Further to this some innovative brands in the US offer a discount on products to stay on the list or a small gift.


Another interesting point is I sent Kogans team a message on Twitter recently from a 4.3k Followers account saying I was unhappy with a product I had purchased from the website. The brand never replied to my tweet. It was interesting to see that a competitor brand contacted me and said would you like some free product.

Kogan is a good brand and I respect the hustle they have in the market. I have written on some of the positive strategies they have been using in the past yet I feel they are not getting some of the basics right with the website and customer service.


  1. ross beard
    January 31, 2014

    I’m in the same boat with you… I do think they are over-aggressively promoting to their customers and potentially turning a lot off.

    Let’s not get started on their Facebook page 😛

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    February 6, 2014

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