Facebook’s new Graph Search will be a game changer!

So if you have been reading the search news today I am sure you have read a article or ten about the new Facebook graph search which will be rolled out around the globe in the next few weeks, some users are lucky enough to sign up to the beta here: http://www.facebook.com/graphsearch

So what’s so interesting about this product is that it changes the way people do search on Facebook. Firstly Facebook will redesign the UX of the top half of the site to push more search use (see image below of this change, using my own account as an example)

Facebook UX Graph Search
Facebook UX Graph Search

Further to this Facebook will then push people to search the following areas more on the site for some of the areas below:

– Search for Friends
– Search for Photos
– Search for Restaurants
– Search for Games
– Search for Music
– Search over quotes and status’s I have liked.

What I think this opens up is a whole new area for people doing localized search, so if you do not have a brand page set up for your local business you will be missing out on traffic.

It will be an interesting space over the next 12 months to see how Facebook develops this product further.

10 tips to get more traffic from Google Images!

So over the last few years I have been using Google Images to drive traffic to a numerous number of web properties for my own projects and also for client related project I work on.

An example looking at one of my personal websites from last year we see some decent levels of traffic coming in from Google Image search!

image search

Now you may ask how do I get more traffic from Google Images? Well here are 10 decent tips to get more traffic from Google images:

Tip 1. Always make sure you name the file of the image related to the product, example an image of Sydney call it sydney.jpg, you can also be more detailed in the way you name images, but only be descriptive with images to name them what they are do not go overboard naming images with words which do not relate to the image.

Tip 2. Always make sure you use ALT text on high quality images, you do not have to go and label alt text on every single button on your website, but if you have a high quality image make sure that you use a descriptive ALT text on the image.

Tip 3. Track what your competitors are doing on Google Image search, this is a decent tactic to see how many images on Google your competitors have indexed type in the syntax “site:competitorurl.com” for example. (to do this you need to switch your version of Google to the basic search version, see below) Also search for images which are high in traffic and review the page content around that image look for the common factors which equate to ranking for the specific image, reverse engineer what your competitors are doing.


Tip 4. On the page where you have the image make sure that you have detailed information which is related to that image, I have noticed that pages where they are content rich and related to the specific image perform well.

Tip 5. If you want share the image URL via 3rd party sites for example you can upload the image to new websites and link back to the main URL as a “source”. This way you can build image links to the image as image attribution.

Tip 6. Use reverse image search to find people who are taking your image content and ask them to link back to the original image source or page source page where the image is hosted. A great service to do reverse image searching with is Tiny Eye – www.tineye.com

Tip 7. From my testing medium-higher quality image work better for image search listings. It is advisable to make sure that you use images which are not distorted too because if you want people to share your image content then it has to be high quality.

Tip 8. High level of social sharing from an on page element can have a positive impact on the image SEO for the website. So be sure to implement social sharing of the image for example Facebook Like buttons, Twitter Tweet button and the capability to share the image on image sites such as Pinterest.

Tip 9. Keyword Research for image search is another tactic you can implement, you can use the image trend/ related terms in Google Trends under the image search section: http://www.google.com/trends/

Tip 10. Be sure to tag images with watermarks always, I have noticed with some web properties I own if people steal your content and share it on social networks you can still get direct type in traffic from the image.

Rated the 2nd most active community member on SEOmoz

Recently SEOmoz has released some data for 2012 to show who had the most trafficked posts and who were the most active users on the community. I have noticed that for 2011 and also now 2012 that I was the 2nd most active community member for both years by sheer number of contributions to the SEOmoz website.

See image below for rankings during 2011:

top community member 2011
top community member 2011

See image below for rankings during 2012:

top community member 2012 seomoz
top community member 2012 seomoz

It has not been easy to achieve these above results, it involves hours and hours helping out members on the SEOmoz community and building a presence in the community. I have met numerous people at events and conferences who have mentioned that they have seen me commenting on SEOmoz which is good.

SEOmoz Gift for been a top SEO community member!

So I hope every one had a fantastic New years and Christmas, it feels like it went too quickly in my eyes.

Over the christmas period I was lucky to receive a gift from SEOmoz recently for helping out on the community for the last few years and been a top community member here: http://www.seomoz.org/users and thought I would share an image of the great gift I received:


The gift contained:

– 2 x SEOmoz stickers
– 1 x SEOmoz ruler
– 1 x SEOmoz drink bottle
– 1 x SEOmoz t-shirt
– 1 x SEOmoz key ring

I would like to say thank you to SEOmoz for the gift and I hope to contribute more to the site in 2013, I will be writing a new blog post soon for the site.