Could the new Google Layout look like this?

Google has been rumored to be making changes to its search layout the nav bar has been roumored to move from the left side to below the search box, could we see layouts looking like the below:

Current Google search navigation:


Potential new Google search navigation with new ads:


Google PPC new ad site links change for brand search

An interesting new change has been developed over the last few days in Google for some brands we see a change to the site links format where you have multiple tabs for large brands now showing. This change will draw even further traffic from organic results on brand terms, I am sure it will also have a direct impact on PPC for brand terms.


Four Great SEO meme’s

I have decided to find some great SEO memes

SEO Meme – I’m aiming for number 1 rank on AltaVista

SEO meme
SEO meme

SEO Meme – Our Flash site is already SEO friendly

SEO meme
SEO meme

SEO Meme – $100 for SEO your links are in mandarin chinese

SEO meme
SEO meme

SEO Meme – I want to be ranked first in a month and Ill give you like 50 bucks

SEO meme
SEO meme

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10 tips to make a great Flippa sales template!

So recently a few people have asked me how to make a great Flippa sales template, over the past 5 years I have sold a few websites on Flippa from any where to $x,XXX-$xx,XXX range, so to some degree I know what to do.

Here are 10 basic steps to take when selling your site on Flippa:

1. Make sure that you verify your account: Use phone verification.

2. Update your profile, add images of yourself make it look like a person is using the account not a robot.

3. Make sure that if you are going to sell a site for $10,000+ make sure you do a smaller sale for $1,000 first for example so you have some positive history on your account and it will give users something to trust, it is similar with dealing with sales on eBay for example.

4. The sales title is important, make sure that you include key points things such as: “Easy to run”, “Makes $650
profit a month” “Limited involvement” these types of lines will entice a wider audience to invest in the purchase.

Example of a sale I did 4-5 years ago, I have removed some information for privacy reasons.

5. The next section of the sale Description:

– Background: Talk about the background of the site, talk about why you built the website ect.
– Advertising: Talk about any advertising that has been done with the sale, be honest with users if you have been doing a CPM buy or using PPC to increase revenue tell the buyers because the more honest you are the better result it will have for your site, also talk up any free advertising in which has been done, buyers will usually link free long standing advertising.
– Traffic: Break the traffic down month on month, be sure to include a long term history of traffic, from my experience selling a site with 6 months history will never be as stressful as selling a site with over 24 months history.
– What needs to be done to run the website: Talk about what needs to be done to run the website, talk about costs involved with elements of the website, example it costs XXX a month to host and it takes me 3 hours a week to manage the website and I outsource XX numbers of hours to my contractors.
– Financial Details: Make sure that you include all financial revenue details for the website, as above the longer term history you include the better it will be for the sale overall.

6. Payments to accept:
– I would advise on accepting most payment types such as Escrow, Paypal and even direct debit for local buyers. If you do not accept a high value options it could turn away buyers.

7. Attachments:
– This is a very important section to utilize to the full extent.
– I would advise to include a break down month on month to show various revenue streams for example, break down January, February, March, April, May, June, July 2012 Adsense/ Affiliate/CPM revenue images and show each month how much you are making. Be sure to include a long term revenue view on the website for example 24 months of history will be more beneficial over only 6 months. (see example below)

Make sure you remove any details which could lead you into trouble such as total impressions/ CPM rates as some publishers may ban this information from been shared publicly.

8. Any other information: Try to include every thing possible with the sale, any information from SEO tools which will assist the sale will be more beneficial for you becuase

9. Include any due diligence information and legals into the sale, if you want users to sign a NDA before they receive information this is also something you can do for a high value sale, my advice is to find a standard NDA form online.

10. Overall the more information you include into your sale the more beneficial it will be for you, with Flippa you need to remember that buyers want the following *Easy to run website *On going monthly revenue *no other issues with the domain and website such as Google penaltys, like with any sale the more honest you are the better also be open to replying to comments and show the buyers that you are 100% transparent with the sale.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask below: