Could the new Google Layout look like this?

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Google has been rumored to be making changes to its search layout the nav bar has been roumored to move from the left side to below the search box, could we see layouts looking like the below: Current Google search navigation: Potential new Google search navigation with new ads:

Google PPC new ad site links change for brand search

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An interesting new change has been developed over the last few days in Google for some brands we see a change to the site links format where you have multiple tabs for large brands now showing. This change will draw even further traffic from organic results on brand terms, I am sure it will also […]

Four Great SEO meme’s

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I have decided to find some great SEO memes SEO Meme – I’m aiming for number 1 rank on AltaVista SEO Meme – Our Flash site is already SEO friendly SEO Meme – $100 for SEO your links are in mandarin chinese SEO Meme – I want to be ranked first in a month and […]

10 tips to make a great Flippa sales template!

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So recently a few people have asked me how to make a great Flippa sales template, over the past 5 years I have sold a few websites on Flippa from any where to $x,XXX-$xx,XXX range, so to some degree I know what to do. Here are 10 basic steps to take when selling your site […]