Google+ Events – A new development on Google+

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Google has rolled out yet another feature onto Google+ been Google+ events, this new feature seems to be similar to Facebook events, yet some good features which set it apart from the Facebook offering. I really think google+ is setting the benchmark for pictures, my sister who recently was on a 8 month holiday and […]

Popular types of internet activities by Australian’s!

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Australian’s are using more and more internet, we are one of the most online nations in the world, not some interesting research from Roy Morgan indicates some high growth areas online including: – Steep increase in buying, selling and shopping online. – Increase in the use of blogs and online communities. – Increase in banking […]

Google Paid Advertising on the rise!

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It is evident that Google is pushing more and more advertising for key terms in the US market, I mean just looking at the image below we see the future view of the term “gold rings”: Is this advertising overkill?

Random requests for a referral on Linkedin?

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Has any one recently recieved a referral request on Linkedin from some one you have never met? do not know? and not frinds with? Today I recieved a random request for a referral from some one who I have never met in my life! I mean sure I will give a referral for some one […] sells for over $250,000

Today we have seen a great sale of an Australian domain name been the domain was sold via eBay for $250,000 which is interesting for a high value generic domain, I was surprised to see the domain not sold via a private broker. Also with selling via something such as eBay you limit the […]

Which Australian companies have applied for the new GTLD, Find out here!

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I have compiled a list of the Australia companies which have applied for the new GTLD. These new domain names allow people to access your website by going to the domain direct for example you can type: and it will take you direct to the website. Another important point about these domains is that […]

Top 10 Social Media Websites (Global)

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Hitwise has put together a list of the the top 10 social media website for the week ending June 9th, These top sites include the following been the top 10 social media website in the world: 1. Facebook 2. Youtube 3. Twitter 4. Yahoo Answers 5. Google+ 6. Pinterest 7. Tagged 8. Linkedin 9. Myspace […]

Twitter Starts TV Advertising!

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Twitter has stated advertising on mainstream TV in the US market with a recent promotion with NASCAR, Twitter has pushed several advertising slots in a hop to go more main stream in social media to get traction on competitors such as YouTube and Facebook who have a higher reach.

Google+ Local Global Launch

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Some interesting development from Google over the last 24 hours we have seen the roll out of Google+ Local, what this means it that Google Places listings will now be rolled into this new product. Business owners can continue to manage their local listing information via Google Places for Business at this point in time. […]