Law Firm sues over competitor ranking via SEO for trademark!

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A very interesting case has hit the courts in Australia over a competitor outranking another competitor for a trademark term in the law firm space, the full article can be read here: The case runs as follows: The lawyer in question runs an affiliate website which acts as a referral base for other law […]

Skywalkers the new Planking on Russian Social Media

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Teenagers in Russia are taking to social media with a new Fad, no it isn’t planking! The new Fad in Russia popular among teenagers is called “Sky walking” basically what this means is climbing to a crazy height and taking video footage and also photos of you and your friends at this height. Sure it […]

My SMX Sydney Presentation featured on Slide Share’s homepage.

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Today I received an email from Slide Share notifying me that my presentation had been featured on the home page of Slide Share, one of the largest websites around in the B2B space, recently acquired by LinkedIn for around 100+ million. To view the presentation, view it below here: Effective In-House SEO – SMX Sydney 2012 View […]

Mark Zukerberg Gets Married at a surprise ceremony!

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In an event which has come unknown Mark Zukerberg has married long term girlfriend in his backyard in Palo Alto. Guests were under the impression that they were attending celebrations for Miss Chen’s Med graduation yet really it was a suprise wedding similar to Michael Clark in Australia this year. I guess this makes Mr […]

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

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In an effort to be more like Bing, Google has rolled out “Knowledge Graph” what this means is that for some search terms specifically areas such as the following: – Actor search. – Movie search. – Country search. – History search. + many more areas which are non commercial. This holds a big impact for any one […]

New Development on Google+ “Follow interesting people and page”

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Google Plus has launched some new features, some what identical to Twitter where on the login screen they promote popular pages and people. My first guess is that this is triggered by the amount of people following the page. This feature was very popular on Twitter back in the day so it will be interesting […]

Invisible Ad a campaign by Lynx Australia

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I love all types of advertising and this recent campaign by Lynx sets the bar, it is a great use of a unique style of advertising in a CBD setting. The Lynx ad uses the first invisible ad to treat the passers by on the street in a populated area in Sydney. This just shows […]

Bing starts pushing marketing in Australian Market!

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Bing has started to push marketing in the Australian market, with an estimated marketing budget of around 10 million the company hopes to gain some market share from the dominant Google, who current hold well over 95% market share in the Australian market. In the US market Bing currently has around 30% market share with […]

Twitter Competition Winner Announced.

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Thank you to every one who entered my Twitter competition for my 2000th Tweet on Twitter, it was a good success with various different online marketers entering. As their can only be one winner I placed all the Twitter user names into a hat and shuffled them and the winner ended up been Perth SEO […]

9 Reasons you have been doing Online Marketing for a long time!

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So this year I have been doing SEO and Online marketing for around 7-8 years, I know this is not a long time by the standards of Bruce Clay and Danny Sullivan who have been doing Internet Marketing for say 16-17 years. I have out a list of 9 reasons you know you have been […]