SMX Sydney May 2nd, I will be presenting + recent presentations news.

Hi All,

I have been speaking at a few events recently including Sydney SEO Meetups and other local Search based events.

Example of a recent presentation on: SEO and Social Media.

SEO presentation
SEO presentation

We had a decent crowd at this event with around 50+ people turning up for the presentation.

SEO Event
SEO Event

Next on the speaking agenda I will be at SMX Sydney on the 2nd of May,


SMX Sydney
SMX Sydney

SMX Agenda time
SMX Agenda time

I hope to see every one at the event.

2000th Tweet SEO Competition on Twitter, How you can win!

Hello everyone,

I have decided to have a competition on my blog for my 2000th Tweet,

SEO Prize
SEO Prize

What is in this prize pack?

1 x Extra Large Facebook Hack Sydney Shirt white (Australia)
1 x Extra Large Navy Blue Facebook shirt.
1 x Large Acquisio Black shirt – “I report to no one” shirt.
1 x Facebook stickers Hack Sydney.
1 x Facebook stickers.

(All items are new and never been used, come with no tags)

How do I win?

To enter this competition all you need to do is post the following (exactly) onto Twitter:

I have entered into the #competition on to win great SEO and Search goodies, run by @connections8 Australian SEO.

Conditions of the competition:

Please note I will send this prize (100% paid for by me to the following countries)

– Australia
– United States
– United Kingdom
– Canada

– Countries which fall outside this region, I may not include postage too, please confirm your location in the comments field below.
– Competition start date – Thursday 26th April 2012 (6pm Australia eastern Standard time)
– Competition will be drawn on the following date: Saturday the 5th of May 2012 (11.30am Australian eastern standard time)
I will enter all competition entrants into a hat and draw a winner from random)
– Their is only 1 winner of the above prize pack.
– If you have any questions please ask in the comments field below, Good luck and please share with friends.

Google Celebrates Zipper Creator on Home Page!

Google has changed the way its home page looks today to celebrate the creator of the Zipper, Gideon Sundback the creator of the Zipper was celebrated when you tear down the zipper.


Some basic GEO ranking factors.

I have decided to put up a short post on some basic GEO ranking factors:

Was recently trawling over some of Matt Cutt’s Twitter posts (see below) and I noticed he recently posted saying IP address is a direct ranking factor. I have been using this as a point in a wider strategy for Server speed and SEO for a long time but I see many people still saying IP and Server location has no direct impact on your SEO efforts.

IP Address
IP Address

The basis should be host your website where your user base is and use a GEO specific domain name which targets your USER base. If you are in the Australian market use domains and also use local content writers.

5 Key points on GEO ranking factors:

1. USE local IP addresses for hosting.
2. USE local TLD domain names – targeting Australia use
3. USE local content writers for localized content.
4. USE local based severs near your user base.
5. Acquire backlinks from local websites, i.e link building for an Aussie site target link targets in the majority of your link profile.

How can small business compete with big business SEO?

A question many small businesses ask is:

How can we compete with large business in the search results? They have huge teams, Huge budgets and far more time!

An Answer for Small businesses:

You have to be smart with how you do your SEO, you need to do keyword research at an advanced level, you need to get onto trends before big brands get onto trends by this I mean been first to market with products such as Google+.

How can we do this?

An example of how powerful keyword research can be is if all the big brands are targeting “Car Insurance” it has a competition level of around 95% from our analysis, it would involve far too much time to target this term. The best thing you can do is look for a lower tier, mid level traffic keyword an example could be “Best Car Insurance” with a competition of 52%, so if you are the smaller brand you can not loose focus on going for huge traffic and high competition keywords because it will be a waste of resource.

I have written a guide to doing advanced keyword research here on SEOmoz:

This is only an example of how powerful keyword research can be in the SEO process to isolate the best keywords for you to target.

Google+ Rolls out a new layout, will the new users roll in?

Today I noticed that Google + has rolled out a new layout for the platform, we now see a left bar where you can select various abilities on the site. Also you can now see a chat bar on the right hand side of the website. It will be interesting to see how the users react to these changes.


iPad Google Ads take up first 9 positions!

Today I was doing some analysis on my iPad for a term, and I saw something crazy I have never witnessed before. The first 9 listings for this specific search query were all paid search terms. Luckily I had my video camera ready and took some footage of this.

On page 1 – 6 paid ads were evident, no organic listings.
On page 2 – 3 paid ads were evident, then organic listings started to show.

Has any one else seen similar results on an iPad?