What happens in a minute online!

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– Internet Security – 135 botnet infections. – 6 new Wikipedia articles are pushed live. – 20 new identity theft victims. – 204 million emails sent around the globe. – 1,300 new mobile users. – Amazon makes $83,000 in sales. – 47,000 apps are downloaded. – 100 new linkedin business accounts are made. – 277,000 […]

Romanian Public aims to change Google Auto Suggest!

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A great post online today, when people use to type in “Romanians are…” on Google they were presented with the following: Several Romanian businesses then decided to run a campaign to stop the nation been damaged by Google Auto suggest, a viral video and website were made for the campaign: After the viral campaign and […]

Big Changes for the search term “Car Insurance” in Google Australia.

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So over the last 24-48 hours I have received a few emails from contacts in the Australian SEO industry asking me if I have seen the changes which center around the term “Car Insurance”. Example email quote: “On the head ‘car insurance’ term, there’s been more movement in the serps in the last 48 hours […]

Google Doodle Harbour Bridge 80th Birthday.

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So I work in Walsh Bay and pass the Harbour Bridge every day on my trip to work, but today the harbour bridge is turning 80 and in light of the birthday Google has put up a special doodle drawing to support the 80th birthday.

A post on my Career history in SEO, What will the future be?

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Ok so this post is something I have been wanting to write for a while, after recent developments with several people who I have worked very close with over the last 3 years and the decisions they have made in which they want to re form their careers and myself having thoughts on where I […]

More Changes in the Australia SERP landscape, change of rank for the term “SEO”.

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I have been doing some quick checks today and I notice more shifts in long term search queries, for example “SEO” one landmark term seems to have a shift once more with DEJAN SEO in first spot over the long held eweb marketing. I have tested this rank on 3 x IP addresses with no […]

Jamesnorquay.com On the first page of Slashdot.org (top 1k Alexa Site)

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So the other day I noticed that my analytic’s had gone crazy I was recieving 1000’s of visitors from Slashdot.org, a website which I am not on too much only from a bookmarking sense and some times for reading search content. Some one else had picked up my content from my blog and used it […]

Mitchells (My Agency) #1 in 2011 Media Agency Rankings.

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Nielsen has released its 2011 Media Agency Rankings and it’s fantastic to see that Mitchell & Partners has again taken the number one position in Australia, I work for Mitchells in the search division Columbus Search heading up innovative SEO and Social strategies for clients across Asia pacific –

KONY 2012 – Who is Joseph Kony Viral Video Campaign.

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Over the last day I have seen a lot of buzz around the word “KONY” and “KONY 2012” on my social channels, been some one who is always monitoring social media signals and wanting to know what is this latest buzz word is it a brand or is it a person? Is it a new […]

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