wearebonds.com.au Great idea if the website works!

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Bonds has recently launched a new website in part of promotion with birthday celebrations. The only problem is that the website is currently not working (see image below) In the mean time you can watch the TVC for the campaign here:

Facebook beats Google for display advertising spend!

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Today eMarketer has released research showing how Facebook is once again on top of Google for display advertising spend, yet trends show that by next year Google should once more reign supreme. Their is also a downward trend of Yahoo over the next few years. A question is: will wee see a new player in […]

Australian SEO companies cover cars in branding!

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Gone of the days of buying display media, re-marketing and PPC ads to promote your SEO company, Australian SEO companies in the Brisbane SEO market are looking for news ways to advertise their SEO services. This has resulted in companies branding cards to let the general public know they are offering SEO services! Dejan & […]

Bundaberg – An Australian company doing Social Media the right way!

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A few days ago I tweeted Bundaberg to let them know about the cap on the bottles as I had cut my finger (view tweet below) I didn’t expect any thing was just letting them know about the tops on the bottles been like this. I received a reply early the next day asking for […]

Annoying emails from “SEO” Spammers?

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Who has been getting annoying SEO emails from spammers recently, I seem to get around 15 of these a day to some of my email accounts, quite annoying to say the least. Example of the email spam below:

New Offer Ads On Google Paid Search Ads!

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Google is now showing Offer Ads on some paid search queries in the Australian market, an interesting development:

Google Valentines Day Gift A Search Love Heart.

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Search for “sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5” on Google and you will see the following –

How too add Facebook Ads on profile photos?

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Facebook is keen to look at new ways to bring revenue to the website and photos are one of the the most viewed areas on the site. Facebook images generate billions of impressions each month, so advertising next to images was a sure fire step! An example from my own profile of the new ads […]

What is the most competitive SEO Keyword in Australia?

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So I have recently conducted a keyword difficulty Analysis on some of the most competitive keywords in the Australian market (Google.com.au) to determine what is the most competitive keyword? I took analysis on over 28 terms which I worked on in the past, I personally know how competitive some of these keywords are. I am […]