Vodafone Australia Day Social Media.

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Yesterday Vodafone was looking to engage with its customers on Facebook, yet the problem is with 1,000’s of angry customers and services not working the best on Australia day it is probably not wise to give users the power to run wild on your Facebook page. An example below of what the customers had to […]

Air Asia targets IVY on Billboards, yet people strike back on Facebook!

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So recently Air Asia has been pushing out some really cheap fares to destinations in Asia. For as low as $99 you can travel to destinations in Asia. Now they have released bill boards that say “Fly to Indonesia for less than a round at The Ivy.” image credit: Mark Martins Now people have struct […]

How to View Blocked Wikipedia Pages over the next 24 hours.

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Ok so Wikipedia has blocked all pages for the next 24 hours, I support the fight, but to me if you need information on Wikipedia it is kind of annoying, the trick to view these pages can be done via 3 easy steps. Step 1 – Search for the term. Step 2 – Click on […]

Domain Renewal Group stop annoying me please!

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So been a online marketer, I own a few domain names, well more then a few it is well over 100 these days. Now the thing I have noticed recently is that every time I have a domain about to expire I get a letter in the mail from a company called Domain Renewal Group! […]

Another Development with Google+ in search results listings.

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Google has continued the strong roll out of Google+, now the search engine is showing related Google+ pages for specific search terms. As an example I did a search for “Fashion” it shows brands related to this term, this was when I was logged in: Very interesting that is for sure, it shows that SMO […]

Google Search, plus Your World a new Personalized search offering!

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Google Search, plus Your World is a new search offering Google is rolling out in the US market currently. Interesting points from this new product: – This will show for logged in users. – Deep integration with Google+ product. – Image search will now show personalization. – YouTube and Google search will have more integration. […]

Google gets caught buying sponsored posts to promote Google Chrome!

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So a hot topic in the search market today and probably the biggest story of 2012 so far is Google buying sponsored posts via a large number of bloggers to promote Google chrome. The funny thing is that Google has pointed in guide lines over the years that sponsored posts are not advisable. Search engine […]