Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Years, Also a re cap on Charity & Donations work!

So it is that time of year again where every one is in party mode, yet at the same time I want to make a note that at Christmas time its is a time of treating yourself yet it is also a good time to give. Recently I have had people very close to me come down with cancer so it is a cause which is very close to me. At the same time I want to wish every one a Merry Christmas I also want to let people know about two great charities 1. Camp Quality – Kids with cancer 2. McGrath Foundation – Breast Cancer research.

A few days ago I sold off two charity items and we collected close to $71 for McGrath Foundation –

Christmas cancer appeal
Christmas cancer appeal

Earlier this year we ran an auction of a 1000th Tweet an raised $60

So please try and dig deep this Christmas for charity if you can, but overall have a great Christmas all and have a fantastic 2012, I have taken off some time from the 23rd December to the 9th of January, so I will be taking it easy for a few days.

Merry Christmas:



Top Ten Search terms in 2011

A question asked by many is what are the top 10 search terms in 2011, today some research has been put out to show the top 10 search terms in 2011 compared with 2010.

Top 10 search terms in 2011
Top 10 search terms in 2011

Facebook has dominated the list with 4 keywords.

My Top 10 Predictions for Online and Digital in 2012.

Well another year is coming to an end, how quick as 2011 gone!!!

I thought I would put together a list of my top 10 predictions for 2012. My list will contain things in SEO, Domain names, Digital Media and any thing else which fits into the online work.

1. Domains in Australia will see an up lift in investment, I predict we will see high prices been paid for domains by end users looking to get into the space.
2. domains will also pick up in popularity due to various benefits they hold – People who may not have a chance to gain investment in will take in 2012.
3. iPads will be even more popular as a device to view digital media, I can see huge numbers of sales in iPad devices – I think if you are into digital media you need to practise what you preach so owning a tablet is a good move in learning the technology, or if you want to get even further involved learn to design aps.
4. We will see a higher level of investment in Social Media – Social is hot at the moment but I feel in 2012 even more businesses will open the doors to social media.
5. Google+ will see a larger increase in users, Google will invest highly in the AU market with TV and offline campaigns to drive the non tech savvys users to Google+.
6. Mobile wallet will pick up in popularity – I can see mobile wallets and pay passes will become even more popular in 2012.
7. Higher use of internet on TV’s – I have been using YouTube on my TV for a while, I can see that internet based TV devices will really take off in 2012.
8. Large retailers will increase their investment into digital and push online stores.
9. Social will have a great influence on SEO in 2012 – it is evident that Google will really push the social media as a key metric of SEO, sure it has been this way for a while but I can see if even more in 2012.
10. We will see a new popular social media site come onto the scene 😉

SEO Question and Answer: Do you use a no-index and canonical tag on duplicate content pages?

A recent question I have been seeing a bit is where people ask:

I have duplicant content issues on my website, do I add the canonical tag and also the no index tag?

My answer is the following:

No only add the Canonical tag you do not need to add the no index tags once a canonical tag has been implemented.

Google has also weighed into this question and provided similar advice here:

Rel Canonical and No index
Rel Canonical and No index

.xxx TLD has around 160,000 domains registered, Not a Failure!

So I have seen a bit of negativity recently for the new .xxx extension in the domain world, It was only released around a week ago and after having a chat over Twitter to the social team at .xxx domains it seems that they have already had 160,000 domains registered which is a nice number to begin with. Here is the Tweet from .xxx domains to show the number of domains registered:

.xxx domains 160,000 registered
.xxx domains 160,000 registered

Another concern of web masters is that .xxx domains will be black listed by search engines such as Google, yet in discussions between AVN and Google they have stated that .xxx domains will be treated like all other domain names.

Now the question is will you be buying a .xxx domain name?

Facebook Scam Free Giftcards

So recently on Facebook and Twitter I have been seeing a lot of people re-sharing this Jb Hi Fi free $200 gift cards. The creators have even been setting up Facebook Groups for this event.

Now the thing is their is no free gift cards it is all a scam to get people onto these fake websites, I mean come on if Jb Hi Fi was running a campaign would they use a .info domain and would it be registered in the Bahamas?

Example of the event for the “Free giftcards” below:

jbhifi giftcards
jbhifi giftcards

So please every one over christmas watch out for these scams and fake websites some tips to know if something is usually a scam:

– It is running on a .info domain.
– the website is very poor in design something like just a white background.
– The prize is too good to be true, I mean no one is going to pay $200 to every one who shares something!