New Google Tool Bar Launched!

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Google has launched a new tool bar which will place an emphasis on search and social, the new tool bar will integrate all Google products and be at the forefront of driving users to Google properties: Watch the video below to see more information on the new Google bar:

Google pushing TV Commercial activity for Google+

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Google recently has been pushing some TVC activity for Google+ in the USA, these ads demonstrate the capibilities of the new platform and show the benefits of primarily the circles feature. Video one is a overview of the product where people talk about why it is cool to use Google+: Video two is a funny […]

Quick history of Goolge in 6 minutes!

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Ever wondered how Google started? Well check out this fantastic video which shows you the history of Google and how it started from a once research project and how things such as Image Search, universal search and more were developed.

Some ideas for Klout, a Social Media influence tool.

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So I have been using Klout for a while, I set up an account and pretty much forgot about it. Then recently a few people started talking to me about Klout so needless to say I went back into my account to see what was happening. I found out that my current Klout score is […]

Social Media Experts come out of the woodwork to provide Qantas Social Media advice!

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So over the past few days we have been seeing a large number of so called “Social Media Experts” (usually some one who has around 1 year experience in social media who is a self confessed expert) come’s out of the woodwork in the Australian market and start’s saying: this is how Qantas should be […]

Four HUGE Charity Auctions I am running! Please dig deep and bid!

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Hi All, I recently auctioned off a Tweet on Twitter and a few other search Goodies here –, We ended up raising over $60 from the Tweet for Camp Quality. Now I said I would run another auction to raise more money for charity, I wanted to scale up the charity auctions this time […]

New Facebook Business Page for exclusive Inbound Marketing and Social Media news!

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Hi All, I have decided to make a Facebook Business Page where I will be hosting exclusive content, exclusive news and much more for the fans on the Facebook page: You can like the page below: Kind Regards, James Norquay

Google Analytics “not provided” keyword data segment debate!

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So I am sure any one who works in the online world, especially in SEO and Analytics has heard about Google blocking keyword search data for logged in users. What this change has done is make any user who is logged into Google when search reveal their data as been “not provided”, this is not […]

Top 15 Young SEO’s & Internet Marketers in Australia 2011!

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I have compiled a list of the top 15 young SEO’s and internet marketing professionals in Australia currently. Criteria for the selection was the following: – Be a current SEO in Australia. – Be active at events in Australia. – Have your own website or be a part of a popular website. – Have a […]

Google launches Google+ business pages!

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Google today has launched the new Google+ business pages. The new business pages are a slimmed down version of Facebook pages. It will be interesting too see what the user up take on Google+ business pages will be? I can see the pages been a key point for search, yet to what degree, that is […]

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