New Google Tool Bar Launched!

Google has launched a new tool bar which will place an emphasis on search and social, the new tool bar will integrate all Google products and be at the forefront of driving users to Google properties:

Watch the video below to see more information on the new Google bar:

Google pushing TV Commercial activity for Google+

Google recently has been pushing some TVC activity for Google+ in the USA, these ads demonstrate the capibilities of the new platform and show the benefits of primarily the circles feature.

Video one is a overview of the product where people talk about why it is cool to use Google+:

Video two is a funny TVC about the use of circles:

I wonder when we will see the Australians versions of these ads ­čśë

Quick history of Goolge in 6 minutes!

Ever wondered how Google started? Well check out this fantastic video which shows you the history of Google and how it started from
a once research project and how things such as Image Search, universal search and more were developed.

Some ideas for Klout, a Social Media influence tool.

So I have been using Klout for a while, I set up an account and pretty much forgot about it. Then recently a few people started talking to me about Klout so needless to say I went back into my account to see what was happening.

I found out that my current Klout score is 47.

Klout score
Klout score

What is Klout?

Klout is a tool in which you can measure your social influence online, basically you link up all your social profiles you own and Klout gives you a a score based on the level of interaction you have with various people on these channels.

What Social Media sites can I like up with Klout?

– Twitter
– Facebook
– Google+
– Linkedin
– Foursquare
– Youtube
– FlickR
– Tumblr
– Blogger
– WordPress
– Last FM
– Instagram

Now The matter of this post is that if you have a true influence on social media you also are quite active on your own personal blog or blogs? Or you are quite active on Social Bookmarking websites and also active on Forums?

Currently you can not link up your own hosted WordPress site to Klout you can only link up sites on the wordpress sub domain, which is annoying becuase I currently have a few blogs on WordPress. I also am very active on numerous forums which relate to niches I work, I have 1000s of posts on these sites and I have been active on these sites since 2004 and finally I share a fair bit on social bookmarking. So my message for Klout is to try and link up some other social sites and have an option for people who host their own blogs, as currently whilst the Klout score is a good bit of fun it is no way an accurate level of ones social influence.

Here is a link to my Klout profile:

Please let me know your thoughts on Lout in the comments below:

Social Media Experts come out of the woodwork to provide Qantas Social Media advice!

So over the past few days we have been seeing a large number of so called “Social Media Experts” (usually some one who has around 1 year experience in social media who is a self confessed expert) come’s out of the woodwork in the Australian market and start’s saying: this is how Qantas should be doing their Social Media Strategy, this is how they should be responding to customers, this is how they should run the accounts and throwing around a whole bunch of advice.

Most of these people have limited experience in working with big brands social media and most if not any have ever worked with brand reputation management social media. Where you have to deal with consumer backlash in light of negative PR for a large brand. I am not talking about some small one man shop brand which sold some bad food, I am talking about ASX listed companies and to potential problems which can happen.

Now the first thing which I find funny is the amount of people who are saying that Qantas is not doing things right by not replying to all the comments and mentions which are been thrown around the web. What this shows is that all the Social Media Experts have not even bothered to do some analysis on the mentions behind the Qantas brand and related terms.

I compiled some quick analysis and saw that when the plans were grounded by Qantas we saw over – 65,000 mentions.

In light of the new social campaign we saw over 13,000+ mentions in light of the #QuantasLuxury hash tag.

(refer to analysis below)

Qantas mentions
Qantas mentions

Now what is the point of the analysis above, it is to show that when you receive over 65,000 brand mentions you can not physically get out into the market and have a personal response for all concerned. You need to work your strategy around developing how to best respond to these comments, replying to 13,000 comments in one day or even 65,000 comments is not going to be possible is it with out automated software which I would not recommend at all, I do not get why people are recommending this at all.

This been said I think Qantas need to take a step back and sit down and build up a strategy for the next 12 months. All areas need to be looked, things such as potential outcomes both positive and negative need to be addresses. A great thing you can do is also listen to the customers, what do the real customers want the ones in which have been affected but are still with the brand. Involving customers who are still part of the brand and probably the best thing to do is not run any competitions for the moment.

Other important points to note for future Social campaigns include:

– Could Qantas use Influences to speak for the brand (blogger out reach)
– How can you manage the reply process over time.
– What properties can you use to the best effect for the brand.
– What should your messaging be?
– Who should be involved in the campaign?

Four HUGE Charity Auctions I am running! Please dig deep and bid!

Hi All,

I recently auctioned off a Tweet on Twitter and a few other search Goodies here –, We ended up raising over $60 from the Tweet for Camp Quality.

Now I said I would run another auction to raise more money for charity, I wanted to scale up the charity auctions this time so I decided to auction off a few various items and donate 100% of proceeds to charity. The charity I have selected which is close to me is the McGrath Foundation for Breast Cancer.

Now here are the 4 links to the various eBay auctions all ending over the next 6-7 days.

Item 1 – Facebook F8 Conference gift, if any one is into collecting Facebook related items this is the item for you! This is not something you can buy from the shops!

Yahoo USB
Yahoo USB

link to auction:

Item 2 – This is a fantastic Yahoo USB Santa 2GB, this is not something you can buy from the shops, also included is a new in the plastic HTC pen! once again not something which can be purchased from stores.

FB8 Australia Gift
FB8 Australia Gift

link to auction:

Item 3 – Red Custom Disel shoes US size 9, these were a gift from a client, they were too small for me so what better to do then to auction them off for charity!!

Red Diesel Shoes
Red Diesel Shoes

link to auction:

Item 4 – Finally item four is a great one, I was given a Virgin Mobile robin da hood hoodie and red pants for dressing up as Robin Da hood for Halloween!! The hooide is brand new and the pants are almost new! This is not an item you can buy in stores!!

robin da hood outfit
robin da hood outfit

link to auction

So yeah please pick something you like and dig deep.

If you have any questions about the auctions please ask below in the comments section:

Google Analytics “not provided” keyword data segment debate!

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

So I am sure any one who works in the online world, especially in SEO and Analytics has heard about Google blocking keyword search data for logged in users. What this change has done is make any user who is logged into Google when search reveal their data as been “not provided”, this is not good at all from an Analytics perspective, but in the end of the day the only ones losing out are the users because website owners can now not view correct referral stats to create content based on these stats, you want to provide users with what they are searching for right? I think internal search data may be the next bet for that?

In regards to the impact of this change, I took some data for 1 site from the Australian market as a comparison, using the last 15 days in October and compared it with November data to see the not provided traffic segment (this data was from non paid organic traffic. I have rounded the data to 200k for both segments, both segments were very close to that range.

October 15th – 31st

(not provided – 381)/ 200,000 (rounded) = 0.17%

Now we compare that with the November traffic segment:

1st November – 15th November

(not provided)

(not provided – 2,566)/ 200,000 (rounded) = 1.29%

Will be interesting to compare the next 15 days.

It is evident at this stage that their has been a strong increase in the data not provided for the month of November.

Let me know your thoughts on this one?

Top 15 Young SEO’s & Internet Marketers in Australia 2011!

I have compiled a list of the top 15 young SEO’s and internet marketing professionals in Australia currently.

Criteria for the selection was the following:

– Be a current SEO in Australia.
– Be active at events in Australia.
– Have your own website or be a part of a popular website.
– Have a voice in the industry.
– Have more than 2 years experience.
– Be under 30.
– I also took into consideration entries from various people within the industry.

The list is in no particular order, It is randomised.

So here is the list for 2011 (Top 15 Young SEO’s & Internet Marketers in Australia):

1. Matt Burgess
Matt Burgess
Location: Brisbane
Company: Compare The Market

Matt is a popular SEO from Brisbane who works on Tourism Queensland and has worked at Wotif in the past, he is also a regular at industry events such as SMX.


2. William Chen
Location: Sydney
Company: China Key

William Chen is a popular SEO and Social Media professional from China Key, William is also a well known blogger and runs several different websites, I have met William at several industry events and he is a great guy to have a chat too about SEO and Social Media.


3. Matthew Forzan
matthew Forzan SEO
Location: Sydney
Company: Eweb Marketing

Matthew is the head of SEO at the well known SEO company e-web marketing, he has many years of experience in web dev and SEO, overall he is a easy guy to talk to and has a fantastic knowledge of SEO.


4. Andrew Glyntzos
Location: Sydney
Company: APG Web Studios

Andrew is another SEO from e-web marketing, Andrew is a funny guy who has experience in web dev and SEO you know Andrew is around when you hear him talking about the finer arts of SEO at meet ups and industry events.


5. Martin Reed
Martin Reed SEO
Location: Brisbane
Company: Dejan SEO

Martin is a SEO Strategist at Dejan, he has a blog about SEO and posts regularly on the Dejan Blog, I noticed the Dejan team recently sent Martin to Serbia on business so he is obviously an asset to the Dejan SEO team.


6. Phillip Ohren
Location: Sydney
Company: Mindshare

Phillip is an online strategist working at the popular agency Switched On Media, I have met Phill a few times and he is a really nice guy and has great insights to share about Digital Marketing, having worked in the UK now based in Australia.


7. Scott Shorter
(no image)
Location: Parth
Company: Private Consultant

Parth is an unknown region for me I do not know the region too well like I do the east coast, yet let me say one name comes to mind when Perth SEO’s factor in and that is Scott Shorter, He runs various websites and has worked at several agencys in Perth.


8. Evan Crestani
Location: Sydney

I have met Evan a few times at various industry events, Evan is some one who is not only an SEO yet he is also online business owner he runs various websites such as in the retail area, he also does consulting at a legal firm in SEO.


9. Liza Shulyayeva

Location: Perth (now based in Europe)
Company: Game Developer

Liza is a Perth based SEO with runs her own consulting business, she is also an active blogger and community member on websites such as SEOmoz and several other internet marketing websites. Liza specializes in SEO for small business.

10. Vahe Arabian
Location: Sydney
Company: SEO Consultant

Vahe is an SEO who works at Outrider, he has worked at various companies before this, he posts great insights on Linkedin and various other SEO related websites.


11. Jahn Sapanlay.
Location: Sydney
Company: MEC Global

Jahn Sapanlay is a SEO who works for MEC Global, having been new to SEO Jahn has shown a good amount of skill in the finer arts of link building for various clients. He also is fantastic working with Social Media and can utalize the power of social to benefit SEO.


12. Jason Mun

Location: Melbourne
Company: Bespoke SEO

Jason Mun is a Director at Bespoke in Melbourne, he has been recommended to me by several in the business world so he is a worthy addition to the list.


13. Tyler Campbell
(no image)
Location: Sydney (now based in the US)
Company: Rocket Internet

Tyler is an SEO from the USA who is now based in Australia, he has experience working in companies such as 360i in the US and now working with Rocket Internet and a start up in the eCommerce space called The Iconic.


14. Richard Greenwood

Location: Brisbane
Company: Law Firm

Richard Greenwood is a SEO manager at Flight Center and a regular poster on SEOmoz, he is well known in the Brisbane SEO scene.


15. Andrew Gloyns

Company: First Click Consulting

Andrew is a well known SEO from Melbourne who has worked in numerous companies in both Australia and the UK. He has a great personal blog and is also a regular poster on industry sites such as SEOmoz.


If you Missed the cut for this year, please post below why you feel you should be on the list, I will re do the list in 2012 =)

If you are on the list please post below =)

About The Blog Owner: James Norquay is a 26 year old Sydney based SEO who currently works for Prosperity Media a High Performance SEO and Inbound Marketing Agency based in Sydney, working via various business units in the group and on some of the largest clients in Australia. Prior to this he has worked at several other agency’s in Australia, consulted for US clients and managed numerous websites he owns. He is a regular contributor on some of the largest industry websites such as SEOmoz (where he is ranked in the to 20 worldwide), Search Engine Land, All Facebook, Inside Facebook & Many more.

Google launches Google+ business pages!

Google today has launched the new Google+ business pages. The new business pages are a slimmed down version of Facebook pages. It will be interesting too see what the user up take on Google+ business pages will be? I can see the pages been a key point for search, yet to what degree, that is the question.

Video of the new Google Pages can be seen below: