Google Ripples a new add on to Google+

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Google+ has added on yet another feature into the emerging social network, this feature is called Google Ripples shows what content is currently hot on Google+ in a very interesting graph format: Extra points about this new add on: – 1 billion posts are shared on Google plus. – Google+ community is driving to find […]

SEO’s given some kind words by Matt Cutts.

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Matt Cutts has posted a video on his YouTube channel today saying some niche comments about SEO’s, I think this is a good video from google to show how SEO’s are a very valubale resource for website owners and not a snake oil sales man. the problem is soo many sales man/ scam SEO’s exist […]

8 Quick Keyword Research Tips for SEO!

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So last week I made a post on the SEOmoz blog about SEO keyword research Now I want to make a post on my personal blog with 8 keyword research tips: Tip 1 – (Common Mistake) Make sure you are signed into a Google Account! Don’t let me stress how many times I have seen […]

New post I have made over at SEOmoz on Keyword Research!

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So I have made a new post on SEOmoz about keyword research, please feel free too check it out and have a comment the link to the post can be found here: The post currently has the following statistics: Sign up to SEOmoz here:

The Share a Coca Cola Australia campaign a fantastic Viral campaign!

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So over the past few weeks we would have all seen Coca Cola bottles flooding the stores with peoples names on them. You would go into a store and see James, John, Sarah on labels with an emphasis to share a coke then them. This was then followed up by a TVC campaign shown in […]

New Google Maps Changes see larger images and maps!

Today I noticed some more interesting changes with Google maps which I had not previously in the past. We see that the maps listings are far larger then in the past. This new change is evident on several variations of the Google places product. 1. Single location listing, larger location and images from places. 2. […]

A review of the SERP result “SEO” in the Australian market!

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So I was wondering today how hard it would be to rank for the term “SEO” in the Australian market, many people say that SEO is up their with one of the most competitive terms to rank for. I have the mindset that nothing is impossible and I feel that with the right time limits […]

7 Tips to make your Smartphone battery last longer!

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A common question many people ask is how to I make my smartphone battery last longer? Well I asked my mate who works at HTC for some information on this specific question. He gave more 7 tips for making your smart phone battery last longer. 1. Try not to use a live background – live […]

Facebook iPad Application Launched

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Facebook has launched the iPad Application, which is a good addition to the companies overall strategy. As the number of users pick up the iPad and the popularity of the decive is exploding around the world it is a strategic move by Facebook to have a good quality App released to the public. The new […]

Facebook Pages see a new feature “Talking About”

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Facebook has brought out a new Function on Facebook pages along with a roll out of new Facebook features this new function is called “talking about the page”. It shows up when ever some one posts on the pages wall, some one likes the page, commening photos, video or any page content, rsvping to an […]

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