Samsung Galaxy S2 Internet Speed Test – Vodafone vs Telstra.

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At work we were messing around and decided to take a test of two mobile phones both been exactly the same phones the Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phones, with the cache cleared. The only difference was that the internet and call provider was different on both mobiles. We tested the phones using the website, […]

Facebook new account layout coming soon and an update of the changes.

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So Facebook has been busy with making changes on its products, we have seen a huge range of changes to be made within the next few weeks. Some of these big changes include the following: 1. Facebook Time Lines – what this product does is merge all your details from the life time of your […]

Facebook needs a option to merge 2 accounts into 1, even more so with Time Lines!

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Ok so I have been searching around on the internet for an option where I can merge two accounts into one on Facebook, I found this thread where 100’s of people are requesting to do this: Facebook Help Forum seems that no one has an answer to this question. Reason this is because I had […]

Facebook Time Lines an interesting new product at F8.

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So today I have been testing a new feature which Facebook had released in the last 24 hours called Facebook Time Lines it was announced at the Facebook F8 conference. Currently the product is available to people who are developers on Facebook. At the Sydney F8 conference today they were really pushing this new product. […]

Google Adsense brings backs gambling ads!

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Another day another dollar, but in Googles case another day a few more multi million dollars. Today I recieved notice that Google will be relaxing the rules in regards to gambling ads been shown on the network, this is an interesting move for a company which prides it self on having a strictly family friendly […]

Google places +1 buttons on all adsense units!

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So today I recieved an email from Google telling me that they would be rolling out +1 buttons on all adsense display units via the complete network. (message below) The first thing I thought when I read this is what is the ctr impact going to be for publishers?? Google states that this change is […]

Facebook Rolls out another new feature – Facebook Lists

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Facebook has recently released yet another new feature into the product offering for the website, the new feature is called “Facebook Lists” it has been live fore a few days on most Facebook accounts. This is a clear mimic of Twitter Lists, yet with more functionality. Currently your Facebook lists are defaulted to specific groups […]

New Feature on Google SERP Preview

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So yesterday I was alerted to a new feature on Google Preview on SERPs for the ad listings, it seems that Google is not showing up the Adwords title and URL links on the ad preview now. This has been spotted out by my mate Chris as well and he feels that this will have […] sells for over $125,000!

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Well today we saw a fantastic sale in the Australian domain market. With the domain imvestment exchanging hands for over $125,000. For me this is good news as i have been involved with domains for over 6 years. I was asked before the sale went to auction. I estimated around 15k boy how […]

10 Sure-fire Tips to Make Money Online in Australia

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Ok so I have had a few people asking me recently how can I make a few extra dollars online, so I thought the best thing to do would be to post up the top 10 sure-fire tips in my experience to make money online, all of these strategies I have done personally over the […]

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