SEO Charity Auction comes to an end, with $60 AU donated to charity.

So 6 days ago I decided to run a bit of a charity auction to raise some money for kids with cancer, I decided to go with Camp Quality as it supports both parents of kids with cancer and also kids with cancer.

I threw in a few SEO goodies which I had picked up recently to help aid the good cause.

The Auction started here:

People started tweeting and talking about the auction on various channels as below –

Charity-Auction Twitter
Charity-Auction Twitter

When the auction came to an end we saw Dejan SEO take out the bidding.


Overall the Auction was a good success, we were able to Raise a totall of $60 = $46 of that been the Auction winnings from Dejan SEO and I had a cash donation of $10 from a mate of mine Beaudon Also I chipped in another $4 to make it $60 in total =).

(below is proof of the donation, from a web screen shot, I cut out 2 sections some personal info)


So overall a great result, was hoping to get a bit more but in the end of the day I am happy with the amount, I am sure it will help Camp Quality in some way.

If you want to make a personal donation to Camp quality here is the link:

Keep a look out for another charity auction in a few months.


James Norquay.

How to GEO Targeting State/Country via Facebook Page status update!

A lot of people also how can I geo target a Facebook status update so I can only show the message to fans in a specific state, which works well for state by state promotions.

The way you can geo target Facebook pages by State too, so you can target state for messages.

Follow the following steps:

– Go to the page
– Type your status
– Then click “Custom” Then select location
– Then select “By State/Province”

(images below to show what to do)


When a Facebook page goes viral, 10 tips to help your page go viral!

Ok so I have been building Facebook pages since the day they were released, I remember a long time friend of mine named Ash told me about the release product. Sure enough I was quickly to move onto and was testing it since day one.

What Facebook pages have taught me over the years are that they are a changing beast, I remember when you could make a Facebook page about pretty much any thing and their were no restrictions what so ever.

Now I could go on all day about the history of Facebook pages yet the idea of this post is to show an example of a page I own which over the last few months has pretty much gone viral just on its own as it is the nature of the product and page itself.

Now check the below image to see the types of like numbers this page was doing in a 1 day period it did 12,000+ likes in one day over a number of days the numbers were that high, these are numbers that a popular band would envy.

Facebook Page Viral
Facebook Page Viral

Now people may ask how do I obtain such number for my page? Well here are a few basic tips, I can’t give away too much specific information into this page and the strategy used yet I can tell you it is a personal page for one of my own sites and it is not a clients FB page.

10 Tips to help your page go viral include:

1- Making useful content on the feed which users will like and interact with.
2- Making the page easy for people to share with friends.
3- Aiming to get the page indexed within the users stream so other friends can then link up to it, it is a free marketing model.
4- Picking a great URL and optimizing the page with SMO so you can link up via Search rankings to the page.
5- Logging into Facebook as your page and assisting other related pages with helpful answers and pictures, do not spam.
6- Making sure you have a niche landing page which is like driven and also emphasizes interaction.
7- Linking the page up to a Facebook page widget on your sites, like box is great for this –
8- Think of ways to target Facebook internal search 😉
9- Linking your page up via social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon.
10- Engage with fans, reply, make them post pictures and content on the page, your fans are your army of marketing personal use them wisely.

Finally some things to remember:

* All pages are not the same to promote, if you page is not popular to a wide demographic then you may run into some problems, you need to think to your specific niche, you need to cater your strategy to that niche.

I hope this helps.

Charity Auction – My 1000th Tweet on Twitter + SEOmoz T-shirt + Google & YouTube gear!

So I have noticed a trend recently where people sell their 1000th Tweet, I thought I would mix things up a bit and not only offer a Tweet yet I would also throw in a few Search goodies.
And at the same time raise some money for charity!! 100% of the sale will go to the Camp Quality foundation which supports kids with cancer.

The current list of things I will be including with this auction include:

1. SEOmoz T-Shirt (Size Small) Grey, a very hard item to get, you need 1000+ reputation on SEOmoz to get one.
2. Youtube Note Pad – I was given this at a event, it is a hot item and hard to get not something you can exactly walk into Office Works and pick up off the shelf!!
3. Google Pen – Do you want to look cool in meetings, well their is not better way to be the coolest cat in meetins then rocking out with a stylish Google pen!
4. Google Necklace – This was hooked up to a name card at an event, suerly some one wants to walk around the streets with this bad boy.
5. 1 x Tweet on my twitter account currently over 4000 followers.

So why wait, bid now here:

Recent images a new feature on Twitter, is Twitter trying to mimic Facebook?

Today Twitter rolled out another new feature to enhance the engagement within the product, the feature called recent images displays any new images which have been added to your twitter account. (view screen shot below)


What this shows is that Twitter is trying to mimic Facebook recent images in some ways and to also make the product not just for text based content yet also for visual content images and video.

Having a Facebook like button on your website could cost you $70,000!

So in a German state over the last week they have passed a ban on the Facebook like button from localized websites.

Now the reason behind this ban is that strict German privacy laws do not desire users been to be tracked, I agree in the sense that some large corporations are gathering too much information on every one, we are now living in a world where companies can instantly profile you in a huge amount of ways and target any specific advertising message to you.

The area that this argument opens up to me is a broader question in the sense that Google has a huge level of personalized data for users on search engines.

If your localized website does no abide to German law you could see yourself with a fine of more then 50,000 euros which equates to over $70,000 USD.

I feel this is a bit of overkill in the sense that it is a very harsh fine for small webmasters may get hit, we will see how this ones progresses.


The Future of Search 3-5 years from now?

So today some one said to me what is the future of search 3-5 years from now?

Good question, in my opinion here are the top 5 possible points for the future of search:

1. Mobile will be even more popular for search!

2. Social will even play a more important part in search!

3. TV based search will be even more popular!

4. Google+ and Google+1 will be a popular player in the market! – 200 million users+

5. The level of person to person customization based on friend data will increase.

What do you think the future of search holds? please post below.

The death of one of Australias largest Social Media Stars Zyzz

So over the last few days we have been seeing a lot of messages online about the passing of one of Australia’s best known Social Media stars Zyzz.
I have respect for Zyzz because he is some one who has taught soo many about goals in life and how to have a fantastic time body building and partying, when I was younger I was quite into body building between the ages of 19-21 I was at the guy pretty much every day and I saw great goals, Now soccer is over for me I want to sign up again.

Many people are asking why is Zyzz so popular?

Zyzz was very popular on sites like YouTube,, Squidoo, Facebook and many body building forums such as

I was shocked when I saw the news about Zyzz’s passing as I always use to love reading the posts on his Facebook pages, I mean this was a great example of what you can do with Gen Y Social Media at its finest. Zyzz was an expert at building a huge following on social media he was great at marketing and knew how to sell products to his followers he sold things like Body Building supplements, Singlets, books and pretty much any thing else.

To show the extent of search volume Zyzz has done over the last few days it is very high, I bench marked Telstra with Zyzz and you see the following trend:

zyzz Insights for search
zyzz Insights for search

Remembrance pages have also popped up on Facebook one already has over 50,000 fans…

zyzz facebook page
zyzz facebook page

and also remembrance youtube Video –

Many large news companies have also picked up this story such as the SMH & Daily Telegraph.

So overall it is very sad to see the passing of one of Australia’s most promising social media stars and a body building great.

Jumbo Google Organic Site Links will probably not last!

Ok so since the start of August people have been seeing jumbo ad site links, the team down at SEER Interactive first spotted this trend for some US based terms. But I remember seeing it way back at the start of the year for terms in Australia, I remember Phill Ohrean from Switched On Media had a post about Cannon getting these jumbo organic site links.

Here is an example for “Overstock”, what I chopped off the screen grab was also the PPC for this term was bidding on the brand terms lol, cheeky.


Now the point I want to make is that this will probably not last, why is that do you ask?

Well Google makes a huge amount of money off brand term PPC, lets face it this new jumbo site links change will make brand CTR on paid listings down down and therefore we will see Google start to think wow we are loosing millions on this one lets switch back to the old way and still make $$$ from paid listings on brand terms.

Well that is what I think any way as this is why it is only on a limited number of organic listings at the moment, let me know your thoughts in the comments =)

Eweb Marketing back on top for “SEO” rank in Australia!

So recently I posted an article about how we saw a change in the number one rank in Australia with the fantastic link building team and on site team at Dejan SEO overtaking the long time holders of the SEO rank in Australia E-Web marketing. Now every time I attend an SEO event some of the E-Web boys and girls always say how I never have any thing positive to say about their website and the E-Web Brand in general, well today I have some positive news about the E-Web website!

It is now back on top for the rank “SEO” in Australia, it goes to show that this was some testing that Google has been doing with in the ranks.

Screen shot below:

eweb marketing
eweb marketing

so yeah great work to the E-Web Marketing team =) I wish you all the best luck in the Future.