SEO Charity Auction comes to an end, with $60 AU donated to charity.

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So 6 days ago I decided to run a bit of a charity auction to raise some money for kids with cancer, I decided to go with Camp Quality as it supports both parents of kids with cancer and also kids with cancer. I threw in a few SEO goodies which I had picked up […]

How to GEO Targeting State/Country via Facebook Page status update!

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A lot of people also how can I geo target a Facebook status update so I can only show the message to fans in a specific state, which works well for state by state promotions. The way you can geo target Facebook pages by State too, so you can target state for messages. Follow the […]

When a Facebook page goes viral, 10 tips to help your page go viral!

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Ok so I have been building Facebook pages since the day they were released, I remember a long time friend of mine named Ash told me about the release product. Sure enough I was quickly to move onto and was testing it since day one. What Facebook pages have taught me over the years are […]

Charity Auction – My 1000th Tweet on Twitter + SEOmoz T-shirt + Google & YouTube gear!

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So I have noticed a trend recently where people sell their 1000th Tweet, I thought I would mix things up a bit and not only offer a Tweet yet I would also throw in a few Search goodies. And at the same time raise some money for charity!! 100% of the sale will go to […]

Recent images a new feature on Twitter, is Twitter trying to mimic Facebook?

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Today Twitter rolled out another new feature to enhance the engagement within the product, the feature called recent images displays any new images which have been added to your twitter account. (view screen shot below) What this shows is that Twitter is trying to mimic Facebook recent images in some ways and to also make […]

Having a Facebook like button on your website could cost you $70,000!

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So in a German state over the last week they have passed a ban on the Facebook like button from localized websites. Now the reason behind this ban is that strict German privacy laws do not desire users been to be tracked, I agree in the sense that some large corporations are gathering too much […]

The Future of Search 3-5 years from now?

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So today some one said to me what is the future of search 3-5 years from now? Good question, in my opinion here are the top 5 possible points for the future of search: 1. Mobile will be even more popular for search! 2. Social will even play a more important part in search! 3. […]

The death of one of Australias largest Social Media Stars Zyzz

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So over the last few days we have been seeing a lot of messages online about the passing of one of Australia’s best known Social Media stars Zyzz. I have respect for Zyzz because he is some one who has taught soo many about goals in life and how to have a fantastic time body […]

Jumbo Google Organic Site Links will probably not last!

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Ok so since the start of August people have been seeing jumbo ad site links, the team down at SEER Interactive first spotted this trend for some US based terms. But I remember seeing it way back at the start of the year for terms in Australia, I remember Phill Ohrean from Switched On Media […]

Eweb Marketing back on top for “SEO” rank in Australia!

Posted by on Aug 5, 2011 in SEO | 5 Comments

So recently I posted an article about how we saw a change in the number one rank in Australia with the fantastic link building team and on site team at Dejan SEO overtaking the long time holders of the SEO rank in Australia E-Web marketing. Now every time I attend an SEO event some of […]

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