Review of a great daily deals site Buyii

So recently I have been talking to the owner of the daily deals site Buyii, Zhen is a great guy and knows a fair bit about online marketing especially SEO. But what I want to talk to you today about his Buyii his daily deals website which aggregates all deals in Australia and posts them in one spot.
Gone of the days of going to numerous deal website to find the best deal you can now locate all deals in one spot.
The website picks up well over 100+ deals in Sydney each day, over 90 in Melbourne and many more in other states within Australia.(example image below)


Once you click on state you are redirected to all the deals within that specific state:

buyii daily deals
buyii daily deals

So yeah if you are looking to save time online, I highly reccomend you check out as it has been a great time saver for me personally and also because the owner of the site is a great guy and is always looking to help out customers and fellow website owners.

Does Google give prefrence to its own products in organic ranks?

So last week I was doing some analysis on search terms as I do on a daily basis, and I searched the term “Places”, What I found was interesting it seemed that Facebook was ranking in position 1 for the keyword “places” with personalization off.

(View below image)

Places Rank
Places Rank

Now I tried the same search term today, and the results are very different, Google is now in the search position 1 and position 2 and they even have site links, bit funny don’t you think?
(view image below)


I know this could be testing done by Google, but some analysis on this term shows Facebook Places is the stronger URL.

Interesting, please post your thoughts below:

Google Kills off Citation data from Google Places listings!


So I have been putting the message out into the global market about the problems around Google Places citation data for quite some time, if not for the last 18 months I have been blogging about this issues, I have had two posts featured on sites like Search Engine Land and many other search marketing websites.

Two example of posts I have made highlighting the problems about citation data:
Post 1 click here from November 2010

Post 2 click here from July 2011

The good news is that today Google has decided to stop using citation data from 3rd party websites the post is on the official Google blog here .

Now what does this mean for webmasters, it shows that you need to put an emphasis on Google reviews from Google itself, these have always been a good factor for places rankings.

Interesting times ahead for Google places, I have some huge campaigns running on it atm so this is a very interesting subject for me, please list your thoughts below:

Google News Additional Site Links Feed!

So over the past few months we have been seeing a crazy amount of changes with Google. We have also been seeing a crazy amount of testing going on.

One recent change I want to go over is the Google News Site links feed (this can be seen in the below example with

News Site Links
News Site Links

This is a great change because it gives you an extra 3 lines in the organic Serps for your brand name.

Now the question is if you are a new Google News Content provider, you have your content showing in Google news yet you want to now get Google News Site links feed how do you do it?

Now from my analysis into this you need to be creating a lot of “Custom News content” what does custom news content involve you may ask, well custom news content means you are using the following things:

1. You are pushing out several news articles within a 12 hour period.
2. The news content is email and mobile friendly.
3. The root domain is high authority and has good link bait.
4. You have repeat viewers and lower bounce rate.
5. Great social media integration.

I also feel we see other factors in the mix such as if Google deems your news website to be of high authority, these factors could be any thing from PR, Link Profile, Brand mentions and many other area.

If you have any more information on Google News Additional Site Links feed please share your thoughts in the comments section below:

More huge problems with citations on Google Places!

So I have been posting about Google places several times in the past, showing some of the problems I have been experience and asking Google to fix these issues, in some cases you are dealing with very high traffic terms so I am dumbfounded when these problems with citations are not fixed for months if not years. In November I located a in this post: with a term which has around 6,000+ queries a month in Australia this issue was giving around 100+ citations which were false.

Now this problem noted in the post has not been fixed I have noticed another issue, I was recently researching the term “Plumbing Sydney” and I saw some very interesting Google Places citation data. I will let the following images do the talking:

The first image shows the term, plumbing Sydney with a bunsiness CBD Plumbing ranking in first position.

citations problems Google places 1
citations problems Google places 1

The second image shows that 6 reviews are coming from a website called “Top 10 Australia” interesting website for a Plumbers to be on wouldn’t you think?

citations problems Google places 2
citations problems Google places 2

So when you then click this link on the 3rd image it links you up to Shangri-La Hotel Sydney? Random!! This is not even the right business it is a totally different business which is been linked to yet the review citations are been counted for CBD Plumbing, Unfair isn’t it!

citations problems Google places 3
citations problems Google places 3

Try this search term yourself:

So this leaves me with the feeling that Google places review data should not even be counted by Google at times, it is a strong ranking factor in high competition niches so then you have citation data with so many issues.

I wonder if Google is on top of these problems within Google Places! It is annoying me and I am sure it is annoying many other digital marketers.

Please post your thoughts below on this matter:

Flood does not stop crazy bus driver! [Viral Video]

So I found this video before and I can see it going viral, it is pretty crazy footage! We see floods stopping traffic yet a bus driver obviously not wanting to miss his passengers decides to take on the wall of water at full ball.

Twitter SEO Value drops as Google search deal ends!


News today on the SEO front is that Twitter and Google’s search deal which started in October 2009 has ended, this has now resulted in Real Time data from Twitter been removed from Google. Yet the most evident change is the impact on Tweets from authority sources and ranking for SEO terms. I have noticed that many large scale SEO’s in the US market are testing Tweet related tests and it is evident that the power of Tweets may have in fact been dropped significantly.

This is a very interesting development from a Social SEO front and we will be testing and monitoring development further.