Review of a great daily deals site Buyii

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So recently I have been talking to the owner of the daily deals site Buyii, Zhen is a great guy and knows a fair bit about online marketing especially SEO. But what I want to talk to you today about his Buyii his daily deals website which aggregates all deals in Australia and posts them […]

Does Google give prefrence to its own products in organic ranks?

So last week I was doing some analysis on search terms as I do on a daily basis, and I searched the term “Places”, What I found was interesting it seemed that Facebook was ranking in position 1 for the keyword “places” with personalization off. (View below image) Now I tried the same search term […]

Google Kills off Citation data from Google Places listings!

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So I have been putting the message out into the global market about the problems around Google Places citation data for quite some time, if not for the last 18 months I have been blogging about this issues, I have had two posts featured on sites like Search Engine Land and many other search marketing […]

Google News Additional Site Links Feed!

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So over the past few months we have been seeing a crazy amount of changes with Google. We have also been seeing a crazy amount of testing going on. One recent change I want to go over is the Google News Site links feed (this can be seen in the below example with This […]

More huge problems with citations on Google Places!

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So I have been posting about Google places several times in the past, showing some of the problems I have been experience and asking Google to fix these issues, in some cases you are dealing with very high traffic terms so I am dumbfounded when these problems with citations are not fixed for months if […]

Flood does not stop crazy bus driver! [Viral Video]

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So I found this video before and I can see it going viral, it is pretty crazy footage! We see floods stopping traffic yet a bus driver obviously not wanting to miss his passengers decides to take on the wall of water at full ball.

Twitter SEO Value drops as Google search deal ends!

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News today on the SEO front is that Twitter and Google’s search deal which started in October 2009 has ended, this has now resulted in Real Time data from Twitter been removed from Google. Yet the most evident change is the impact on Tweets from authority sources and ranking for SEO terms. I have noticed […]

Linkedin currently down 1st July 2011

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any one notice something is going on with Linkedin today, I see an error screen –