Australian SEO companies Guaranteeing results!

Ok so recently I see more and more Australian companies offering number #1 spots on Google.

This is getting worse and worse in the Australian market with more fly by night SEO companies coming into the market and throwing around these claims.

An Example of “Guaranteed results” are from one website, which I have removed –


The thing is you go to these guys and say ok what keywords can you guarantee number one ranks on? Can you rank my affiliate site for “Credit Card” with 100% ethical tactics in 1 month?

They come back with an answer saying yeah we can guarantee ranks on “Fishing hotel Sydney buy now 2011” or some brand terms in your domain WOW that is going to drive a crazy CPA…

The thing is Google even advises companies not to use this strategy here:

Google Stance on guaranteed results
Google Stance on guaranteed results


Who else has a view on this dodgy strategy!

Three SEO take aways from Matt Cutts 90 minute webinar!

Yesterday Matt Cutts did a interesting 90 minute webinar on Youtube, From this 90 minute webinar transcript I have highlighted 3 key points from the webinar below –

1. Google +1 button will have a impact on search results, the fact he states we are paying a lot of attention to this ranking factor shows that it will be worth wile targeting +1 buttons and utilizing them to the full extent.

2. IP address are confirmed as a ranking factor, It is well known if you have a domain then you should look at hosting the domain where your user base is, well in Australia. If you host your website in the Netherlands and your website is in Australia it may have a impact on your rankings

3. Using rel=nofollow on internal links has no added benefit! Many SEO’s fill internal pages with no-follows, I have noticed this tactic to direct link juice to certain pages. I have tested it and never saw a huge benefit from it so I decided to to place any rel=nofollow on internal website pages.

What makes these points interesting are the fact Matt Cutt’s confirms these 3 SEO factors, sure enough I already know from testing they work but this just places further emphasis on the factors.

Google Advisor – Are financial comparison sites in trouble?

Today in the USA we see Google release Google Advisor it is basically a comparison product for home loans and credit cards and other types of financial products.
My main thought would be will people stop using comparison sites and start using Google Advisor more and more?
I am sure their will be a area for comparison sites in the market for a long time to come but I am sure this will take a few percentage from these websites.

Another thought that comes to mind is when you type keywords such as “Credit Card Compare” will Google Advisor show up first?


What are your thoughts on Google Advisor?

Bing Facebook data has an effect on SERP’s some Examples!

Bing has updated its search algorithm today to include even more Facebook Data. What this new update means is that Facebook likes will be a powerful ranking metric if your friends like similar content.

An example when I search for “NRL”, not logged in to Bing/Facebook.

Normal Result
Normal Result

Now when I search for the same result logged to Bing and Facebook the results change and I see new listings which my friends have liked –

Result logged in
Result logged in

The interesting factor is that this next link “Dream Team” a large number of friends from Facebook like it so it has been pushed to around 6th place on Page one as seen here, yet when I log out this page is no where to be found on any results in Bing.

From Google keyword tool NRL gets around 5,400 searches a month, I know this is Google data and not Bing data but this is a decent traffic term for Australian SERP’s.

What does this mean for SEO? Well SEO will need to be even more integrated with Social Media Teams, we need to be utilizing combined strategy and working even closely together.

As Google has such a large dominance in the Australian market and Bing only has under 5-10% usage it will not be a big impact but what is to say in 5 years time Bing will be at the same level as the US market?

Getting to Page one Digg with a Blogspot domain, I miss 2006.

I was looking at my Digg account the other day for the first time in a while, I mean from a link building and traffic point of view Digg isn’t really hot as it use to be, I don’t check it like I use to I have a bunch of other social sites to mess around with. This got me thinking what was hot content on Digg? I remember back to 2006 when I was creating articles and finding articles online to make stories that would go viral on Digg and other article website.
One of my top articles I actually made on a random blog spot domain I had, this article was on page one of Digg for a good half day and the traffic it sent back in 2006 was well crazy to say the least.

digg viral content
digg viral content

I originally sourced this content via a gamers forum, the moral of this story is:

If you are making viral content or finding viral content for social bookmarking sites like Digg, the users will love any thing tech related, my page one Digg article shows the users go absolutely crazy for any thing of the sort.

I mean this was 2006 and now it is 2011 so Digg is not really that hot any more and sites like Reddit take it over. Another thing this makes me think when I look at this Digg content is how long I have actually been doing internet marketing for!

Crazy Keyword Spam on LinkedIn

Some one at work sent me this today, this is crazy for a SEO looking for work to spam the hell out a LinkedIn profile with keyword stuffing –

Keyword Spam Linkedin
Keyword Spam Linkedin


Has any one else seen this type of keyword spam.

The Growth of Facebook Advertising Infographic

Facebook with out a doubt is one of the hottest web properties in todays market. And advertising on Facebook once a no-no is now a huge money maker and market leader. Facebook currently owns a decent size percentage of Market share and is creeping up and up on Google’s strangle hold on the market.
The info graphic below shows how explosive this growth is –

The growth of Myspace Advertising
The growth of Myspace Advertising

source: eMarketer
Now the main Question is are you advertising on Facebook?

Google Shopping now live in Australia

Yesterday we saw Google launch Google shopping in Australia, this is a big move for Google. Google Shopping has been seen in the USA since around 2002 so it is quite a delay for the Australian market.

An example of the new Google Shopping can be seen below –

Google Shopping Australia
Google Shopping Australia

Sure this will be interesting to see who will benefit of the new Google Shopping ads I am sure big publishers will have a benefit yet the little start ups will surely be at a loss.

Long & Annoying YouTube Advertising

Is any one annoyed with these very long YouTube pre roll advertising I mean some go for 1 minute, I have seen a few which are even past 2 minutes.

Sure YouTube has the skip this advert on some of these annoying ads yet on others they do not have the skip this button making it even more annoying.

Why doesn’t YouTube just go with quick 10 second ads at the start and the finish of videos surely this would be a better strategy!

long youtube advertising is annoying
long youtube advertising is annoying

What are your thoughts on these long YouTube advertising commercial?

Company Website or Facebook Page?

facebook or business website
facebook or business website

A common question been asked over and over but many in the industry is should I have just a Facebook page and no company website? Well the answer is NO. Why would you only have a Facebook page and leave the risk of having the page banned. Your Website needs to act as your home base so to say and your social media properties been Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr need to act as your channels which all should link back to your home base.

Other things to think about when only having a Facebook page is if you do SEO link building for your Facebook page all the links are going to be benefiting the root domain and not your own website.

Another issue is Facebook can take action at any time to your Facebook page, you have no control over your Facebook page if it is your sole web property.

Sure enough be a highly active user on Facebook but my advice DO NOT use facebook as your home base it is a recipe for problems.