Some interesting changes to Google Images for the Pippa Middleton Search term!

I was checking out Google images before doing a bit of a search for “Pippa Middleton” the sister of Kate Middleton from the royal wedding. I noticed something a little different I have not seen on Google image search in the past but time stamps for specific websites to show how new the image has been online. Now this is interesting because it shows that authority websites can leverage images ranking quickly for how new the image source is. (Example in the source below)

pippa middleton images search
pippa middleton images search

Now for any one who has dealt with image search optimization and knows their are many factors to ranking, this is a interesting change.

Viral SEO a few tips and some examples!

viral-seo camaign
viral-seo camaign

Well every one knows how great it is to have a viral marketing campaign, where you make a video which instantly becomes popular or takes a few weeks/months to become popular then thousands if not millions of visitors come to your website.

Lately I have been messing around with a few test viral campaigns and I have seen good results in terms of natural link building and also traffic to a test websiteI own.

A quick snap shot from Google Analytics shows that this specific website I was testing the viral abilities on hit its peak in early March where the content went viral and then again in mid April where I have a new piece of content go viral.


Well you may ask what are some tips to make content viral via SEO or inbound marketing?

1. Make content which people will naturally want to share!
2. Try and make content which is a bit riskay yet in line with TOS of your on site advertising, depending on your TOS and site niche you can get a little crazy.
3. Input social media buttons into every thing, my advice is to just use Tweet buttons and Facebook likes other buttons can be a waste of time, I mean who want to put something on a site called shaelizzaR if the user based is next to nothing, it is awaste of time. But saying this I still am a very strong beliver in sites like Reddit and Stumbleuppon so deffiantly get your content up on these sites and think about some appropriate buttons.
4. Try and include images and video into your viral content, I mean back in 2004 you may have been able to make some viral content just containing text the times have changed people want images and video.
5. Look at search trends, twitter trends, Facebook trends do research into what is hot make viral content in regards to these areas.
6. Don’t stop making viral content once you have a few wins and content goes viral, try and replicate this process with some new ideas.

I hope these tips help you in some way, please comment if you want to add any thing else.

Some Google Analytics Stats for my website + Another site I own!

So I thought I would post up some analytic stats for one of the websites I currently own and also for this personal blog.

I have been running this site for the best part of a Year now and traffic is increasing but as we are in a niche area been SEO and domaining primarily it is not easy to get crazy bursts of traffic so I have also included a example from another property I own which is in the entertainment sector. I also only started this website in the last 6 months.
One of my personal sites:

James has had the following stats.
6,059 visitors
11,000 Pageviews
1.82 Pages per visitor.
63.36% average bounce rate.
1.22 average time on site.
86.04% of visitors are new.

James norquay analytics
James norquay analytics

Personal Website has had the following stats
Since October we have had over:
242,257 visitors
454,889 Pageviews
1.88 Pages/visit
63.07 bounce Rate
56 second average time on site
87% of visitors are new.

James norquay stats
James norquay stats

The Exact Match Domain debate for SEO

What is a exact match domain or a (EMD)? This is a Question commonly asked question by many in the online marketing field.

Well a Exact match domain is the exact version of the keyword you are going to target within the domain name itself. This has been a great little SEO benefit for many years if you buy the exact match of a keyword it can assist the SEO for your website.

For example look at “Exact Match Domain” these guys have the domain name –

exact match domain SEO
exact match domain SEO

The same can work for any industry for example for “Cars” for “Real Estate”.

The other benefit is that you can get type in traffic for generic keywords I think something like 2% of users bypass search engines and go direct to the URL and type it in.

The only problem is alot of people who have either not got the exact match domain for their industry or do not want to pay big money are not complaining it is unfair and have been quite loud to Google and search engines this in turn will see the power of Exact Match domains drop over years for sure which is not a good decision in my mind as many people will be left out for example * Affiliates * Domainers * SEO’s and pretty much any one who owns a exact match domain will be hit hard.

What are your thoughts on exact match domain’s please let me know?

Trouble for and Cronulla Sharks with sleeve sponsor.

Today I was checking some scores on as you do and I noticed that the main image on the home page one thing stood out the sleeve sponsor for Cronulla Sharks been I do not know if the NRL is aware of the massive Poker Stars FBI shut down and investigation. Here is a image of the shot below – cronulla sharks cronulla sharks

I know it is unfortunate for the Sharks who have had problems getting sponsors, but I do not think it is a wise image for the NRL to be showing as the main point on the website? Do you Agree?

US Government takes down Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker Websites!

Any one who has dealt with the online poker world would have noticed the domain name news today that the following domain had been taken down for allowing the flow of billions of illigal dollars via online money laundering.

United States departnment of Justice document on this case can be viewed online here –

The websites which have been taken down are as follows –




Today we have seen the sale of the domain name to one of the biggest brands in Australia CARSALES.COM LIMITED.

Whilst the name itself is not highly searched in Australia with 1,300 exact match queries, Car Sales has snapped it up.

Earlier this week we saw the sale of for over 13k+, No doubt Australian domain names are hot properties at the moment.

To sign up to buy generic domains join Netfleet now but clicking here by Gerry Harvey needs some SEO help!

Today Gerry Harvey Launched his new e-commerce website Harvey Norman Big Buys. Any one in the business world has respect for Gerry becuase they know he is a veteran business man. But when releasing a new website you have to do it right!!

Here is a list of 10 quick SEO problems I have found with the website with a quick over view, sure their are more problems but I would need to do a full analysis to gather them all.

1. All pages have the same Title and Description.
2. Use of capital letters in the URL structure.
3. Non www resolve issues.
4. No real keyword targeting/keyword optimization at all.
5. No HTML sitemap.
6. No custom 404 page.
7. No Sitemap.xml
8. Non optimized image alt text.
9. Website hosted in Singapore.
10. Load time is very slow.

big buy seo
big buy seo

gerry harvey seo
gerry harvey seo

Image by :Jonathan Bahr

Top Users on Twitter A Great Graphic

Here is a graphic which shows the top users currently on Twitter.

Top Twitter Users by followers
Top Twitter Users by followers

The most popular are musicians and the important thing to remember is that these guys will be popular for many years to come and will be able to charge thousands per Tweet.

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Facebook Memorable Status Updates are Annoying.

OK so any one would have seen this new update on Facebook recently which is one of the many 100 features they add on each year.

I find these Memorable status updates really annoying to be honest, Sure it is a cool feature to bring up your past but some times you have to let the past be the past.

Today I noticed a very interesting “Memorable Status Update” on my Facebook it was actually my sister was talking about her dog and taking it for a walk, I had replied to this status and my posts were all removed because Facebook decided to remove my account in 2009 for policy violations in Advertising, really all I did was make some mistakes with pages and they deleted my whole account.

Now this memorable status update comes up and it looks like my sister is talking to her self check it out here –

annoying facebook memorable status update
annoying facebook memorable status update

It looks a bit silly doesn’t it.

This is the spot these status updates show up on Facebook –

memorable status updates
memorable status updates

What should be the best case senario?

What if a post about a ex girlfriend shows up in a Memorable Status update? And you current girlfriend goes crazy?

Really I think the best way for Facebook to fix this is to not allow people to comment on Memorable Status Updates, Or even better do not include them in the most recent updates (easy).

Surely Facebook does testing and thinks about this kind of stuff I mean they have 1000s of employees now!

Your thoughts?