Google +1 New SEO Social Search Signal high influence for PPC and SEO (Important)

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Google +1 New SEO Social Search Signal high influence for PPC and SEO (Important) Today Google has rolled out a new social search signal called +1, what this means is that any one can press +1 on your website search listing. This new signal will be powerful becuase it will be Googles answer to Facebook […]

Google includes “Something Different” Section for search terms.

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Google has made a interesting change to search result listings adding a “Something Different” tab as seen below – This section comes up for almost any term for example it shows for Names, Geo locations, Brands and many more search queries. I am sure that it will not gather a huge CTR but if you […]

Facebook New Search Box, Real or Fake?

Today I saw a interesting post and image on All Facebook they claim to have found Facebook testing a new search box which will site next to the internal search on Facebook. (Refer to the image below) Facebook has came out to the public and said that this is a malware problem and not a […]

New Google Testing Product Extension Links

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Here are some possible changes to Google Product Extension links in product ads, these tests were picked up from work mate Phill. I wonder if Google will implement these changes I am sure we will see a increase in CTR for the top listing 😉

SEO Sydney and Affiliate Marketing Sydney Meet ups!

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For any one who lives in Sydney and wants to network with some great SEO and Affiliate marketing girls and guys we have two events coming up, if you want to chat about affiliate marketing or SEO I highly suggest you attend 1. Sydney Affiliate Marketing More info – 2. SMX – SEO Sydney […]

Guy Hacks info Times Square Video Screens With only his iPhone

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This is some crazy footage of a guy hacking into Time Square video screens with his iphone and a few other gadgets, well worth a look I am sure this video will go viral –

Charlie Sheen Gets back his Domain name

For any one who has been following the Charlie Sheen developments over the last few weeks, you be be well aware that Charlie Sheen is building a strong following via social media channels. He built 1 million followers on Twitter in 1 day, He is building strength via uStream and other website where thousands to […]

The Huge Problem with Facebook Like Buttons

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Well over the last few weeks users on Facebook will have been seeing some interesting changes. Facebook recently changes the way liked content looks on Facebook so now you have a meta description and a image on your Facebook content and you also get a nice little image which is automatically taken from your websites […]

Weird Twitter spam!

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Today I was on Twitter and I noticed a few suspicious @ comments posted to me, it seems these guys have bots that automatically make a bunch of account then they run off some type of script to bombard many users in a same group. the link they keep spamming me with is going to […]

Breaking NEWS Channel 9 reveals what SEO’s top ranking factors are!!

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Well today a self confirmed Tech Guru went on Channel 9 to talk about SEO. The only problem is this segment completely sucked and had no information what so ever the guy claimed the two main ranking factors were Links and Traffic. Sure links are important but traffic and time spent on the website been […]

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