Two possible new Google search changes – 1. Huge brand sitelinks and 2. Google Recipes!

Two interesting possible Google changes we may see in the near months in Australia!

I have found these examples online and linked back to the sources =)

1. Google brand site links may look like this in the near future – Interesting move I am sure it will increase CTR to brands via organic search.

Google Site Links
Google Site Links

Switched on Media provided this great post here:

2. A new product called Google Recipes, very cool for all the food lovers (rolled out in the US/ Japan) could be good for a client such as Woolworths.

Google Recipies
Google Recipies


What are your thoughts on these changes ?

SEO’s need to get more Social!

Well Google has updated their algorithm to include a higher emphasis on Social websites. I have predicted this change to be coming for a long while and any one who has been working in both areas of social media and SEO like myself will have known how big the impact of social has been on SEO for the last few years.

Here is a video from Google about the recent changes –

Sure the video does not let too many things away and Google never does.

Here is some advice from my end in regards to the changes –

1. Get active on Twitter if you are not already you need to be a content king =)
2. Get actice on big Q & A websites such as Quora.
3. Get active on pretty much any social websites which is big in my opinion, you needs to test what works will for you in your niche. Links from specific social media websites have worked very well for me in speicifc niches yet in other niches they have not.
4. Facebook Like data, Google comes out and states they don’t place too much emphasis on like data from Facebook as it is behind a wall. Yet from my experience Google is utilizing any thing which is related to like data.
5. Get your Google profile updated and going strong, I predict Google will make a big push for Google profiles soon. Gmail emails they will integrate every thing into something big which is social related.
6. Get involved highly with any social media activities if your company is running a social media campaign then you need to get involved and be their from the start =)

I will post more developments and insights as they come =)

Na Pohybel Janas Search Mystery?

When I was sent an article about Na Pohybel Janas, I found it interesting. It is crazy to see such an obscure search keyword out perform other highly searched keywords and become one of the top trending topics in Australia.

After doing some research into this term, I found that over 2000 different websites had reported the story in titles, so every body wants to crack the mystery that is “Na Pohybel Janas” crazy isnt it!!

Looking at in title data here for the keyword “Na Pohybel Janas”

intitle na pohybel
intitle na pohybel

Looking at links for the keyword one suspicious blog was linking to this keyword before it went crazy on trends, apparently a band by the same name?? Possibly some viral marketing, yet the band is soo small so it would not make sense, yet the blog is spam heavy –

inlink na pohybel
inlink na pohybel
na Pohybel Janas
na Pohybel Janas

The crazy thing is this keyword is getting more traffic then the keyword “Twitter” in Australia at one stage.


Also some users were claiming that the word Na Pohybel Janas mean “It’s Beautiful Life” in polish!!!

Na = It’s a

Pohybel = Beautiful

Janas = Life

Yet after chatting to a polish person they said – It’s Beautiful Life translates into:

Ona Jest piękna małżonka

I think the overall problem is probably due to infected computers and malware as stated by SMH! Yet it is a very interesting area?

What do you think is causing this search mystery?

Lil Wayne Shows how powerful he is with Social Media

Lil Wayne is probably not a house hold name in Australia. Yet in the USA and Europe he is one of the biggest entertainers. Lil Wayne’s digital marketing team recently noticed Oreo was running a competition to have the most likes on a post in 24 hours. When Lil Wayne’s team saw this they thought it would be interesting to see what kind of traffic they could get. Lil Wayne received around 200,000 likes to his posts whilst Oreo’s could only manage 50,000 in the 24 hour period. It shows that popular musicians can some times be way more powerful at promoting a brand via social media in comparison to the brand. Consumers listen to their favorite artists they buy what they wear they want what they have. (Refer to the image below to see how the competition ended up)

lil wayne facebook likes
lil wayne facebook likes

Changes to Facebook Pages

Today Facebook will change brands pages once again, this change is designed to allow Facebook pages to look more like normal profile pages and to increase the use of these pages.

Facebook Pages Changes
Facebook Pages Changes

Changes include the following –

* Pages look like normal profiles
* New admin controls
* Ability to interact on Facebook with your page more.
* Changes to make the fan experience better for fans.

Cudo bidding on Groupon keywords?

Well any one who follows the deals area closely would have noticed that BuyII was linking to Cudos deals and in tern they were ranking within search engines for the term “Cudo” in a quite predominant position. Cudo instantly launched a C & D to block this ranking and complained about them. The funny thing is I was just searching for Groupon as a keyword and what did I see!! Cudo was bidding on the keyword Groupon. I mean why launch legal action against other deals website when Cudo itself is bidding on competitors terms in the paid area! I know they are bidding on broad match but still it is a bit funny imo, a screen shot can be seen below –

cudo bids on groupon
cudo bids on groupon

I think it is a little unfair…What do you think?

Huffington Post Sold for $315 million but it leaves with a Cheeky SEO post!

Well today the news no one expected is that the mega popular online blog Huffington Post, probably one of the largest news blogs online has been sold to AOL for over $315 million.

The funny thing today with the super bowl 45 on Huffington post has placed one of the funniest SEO optimized to the max articles I have ever seen from a news article haha, obviously trying to catch in on the Google trends patterns.

Huffington Post Article
Huffington Post Article

What do you think about big news websites doing this type of thing to grab huge traffic?

Also an interesting note from the sale is that this brings AOL’s media assets to * Huffington Post * Techncrunch * Autoblog * Engadget and many more, very interesting deals which I am sure will drive some big impressions for the AOL network. sells for 100k!

The domain market is heating up in a big way with Zoupon buying the domain name they are said to be re branding the Zoupon company into the domain name over the next few weeks. I think this is a great move for the company both SEO wise (even thought deals as a keyword does not generate that much traffic). With the recent sale of for over 100k.

Interesting times ahead for the domain market I am sure.

Google Search Share for the global market.

I received a very interesting graphic recently at work showing the market share rates Google has around the globe –

Google global Market Share
Google global Market Share

Here are some quick numbers from the Graph –

Australia – Google owns around 93% of the search market!!

Spain – Google owns around 97% of the search market.

Russia – Yandex – owns aroud 65% of the search market.

China – Baidu – owns around 73% of the search market.

Japan – Yahoo owns around 51% of the search market.

Interesting statistics, sorry the quality of the graph is a little poor =)