Googles new web spam algorithm change!

So any one in the SEO business would be aware of all the buzz which has been happening over the last week. The test phase for these changes have been noted by webmasters since the start of January. What this change is meant to involve is a reduced level of web spam in search result pages. Matt Cutts has come out and said he wants to target low quality websites which are small in size and provide a poor user experience.

I have noted some following things which I believe google may be targeting.

* Small websites less then 50 pages of unique content will be on their hit list.
* Websites which do not have unique content on their website or sites which rip content should look out.
* Websites which have crazy high bounce rates, dont get me wrong I am 100% sure bounce rate is ranking factor on Google if your site has a crazy bounce rate it is sure to ring some alarm bells at Google.
* Sites which are low on speed and take ages to load and also ridden with coding errors I am sure will also be on the hit list.

I know this algorithm change is a big one and I have been monitoring serp results for numerous properties and I have seen gains and losses across the board.

Google to start new Offers website – Google Offers

Google is set start its own offers website “Google Offers” after attempting to purchase Groupon for around 6 billion.

This image below was taken from and it shows the new website which is in the development stages.

Google Offers
Google Offers

It should be interesting to see what Google can do with this site, they have a huge network they can promote it via and I am sure it will be a hit.

Groupon is said to be on IPO for around 15 billion coming soon =) with over 1.3 billion of venture funding raised.

SEO MOZ Expert Quiz worth taking a look at!

SEO MOZ is a great little quiz for SEO’s to test their skills sure it is not that hard if you have been doing SEO for a few years. But I am sure their are 1 or 2 questions which will stump you for a little but.

I suggest all SEO’s check out the test, I really hope SEO Moz releases a new version of the test with some different questions =)

Post how you scored below =)

How to search for Exact Match Keywords on Google Keyword Tool

I found this great tutorial online from another member on a forum called Italian Dragon Basically if you are looking to do keyword data research and you want to have the most accurate data it is important to use exact match search here is the exact way to do it –

Google Keyword Tool Exact Match DIY
Google Keyword Tool Exact Match DIY

Review Data included for Generic Keywords Micro Formats

I college at work has spotted out a interesting change on Google Generic keywords using the Ad Preview Tool

SEO review data micro formats
SEO review data micro formats

These changes which I am sure will be rolled out in australia soon have a big impact on Generic keywords I am sure. So now is the time to get your review data strategy in place.

Queensland Floods Time to help SEO + Social Meida world!

The Queensland floods are a very sad thing, for any one who has family or friends in the region we know how devastating the loss of lives and property has been.

Two friends from the Australian domain world asked me to help set up a Facebook page to aid their appeal.

What we are doing to raise some money for this cause is the following:

1. The CEO of Pacific Octane “James Wester” (2nd biggest domain holder after OMG) will dress as DORA the Explorer for a day when 5k is raised.

2. The Business Development Manager for Deep Blue Sea ( “Mike Robertson” will not shave for a whole month of January in Aid of this Cause.

Currently over $2,100+ has been raised for this cause, please like the Facebook page below –

View the Facebook page for more information and donation link. domain sells for $100,000

I just noticed on DN Journal that the domain name has sold for over $100,000, it shows that the Australian domain name market is really heating up at the moment.
the sale was reported on, this is really good news for the australian domain name market with selling for $33,333 recently and other domain names like also taking huge offers. One would argue that now is the time to invest into generic domain names, the only problem is the huge blocks AUDA has on domains and the restraints it places on them which turns away overseas investment instantly.

New Add ons to Google Insights for Search

Google insights for search is a great way to look at traffic trends for specific keywords.

It seems Google has upped the momentum with social media now offering social media insights for Twitter, Youtube and Google Buzz. This is great because we can now see insights on these great social media websites.

google insights for search
google insights for search

Some users are angry to why their is no Facebook information for insights for search and the reason is because Facebook and Google do not really have the best relation ship at the moment. Facebook’s main search partner is Microsoft with Bing.

We will wait for more websites to be added over the coming months to years to Google insights for search =)