Happy Christmas and have a great NYE

Hey All,

hope you all have a great Christmas and new year period, here are a few little Christmas songs from Youtube which I would like to share with you all =)

Nate Dog and Snoop Dog, Santa is going straight to the ghetto.

Also another one here on Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ymlnxMZkXA

Hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy yourself =)

My SEO & Social Media predictions for 2011

So it seems every one has been posting these predictions for 2011 all over the internet I have seen a mass of posts on various SEO and Social Media websites I even have been bombarded with emails and newsletters with trends and predictions for 2011.

So I have read most of them and now I will put forward what I feel will be popular/ important in 2011 –

1. Social Media and SEO will be a stronger force – People have been talking about SEO and Social Media for years yet I believe it will be even more stronger in 2011, like data will be huge, Tweet data will be important. If you are not optimizing social media properties for SEO then you are left behind.

2. Authority websites are highly important – SEO MOZ domain authority and page authority are two metrics which SEO’s should be taking close note of.

3. Google places will become more important, if you have not optimized your Google places listings for your business then you will be at a disadvantage to competitors, I can see more emphasis been placed on Google Places as the mobile world goes even more crazy.

4. Celebrities and promotions marketing will become even more key to social media campaigns, it has been highly evident in the US that celebrities are playing a bigger role in social media campaigns to drive more traffic, yet I can see in 2011 that we will see even more use of celebrities to link up with social media campaigns, I can even see a bigger link up with experiential marketing and social media.

5. A new social media player in the market! I can feel that we may see a new social media player in the market which integrates Friends/Videos/Feeds/data/connection all in one spot. sites like World Star Hip Hop see millions of unique visitors a day and I feel a social based site could utilize all this and become very popular in the market.

What do you think will be big in 2011??

Have your say below –

Christmas Gifts from Yahoo

Yahoo stopped by the office today to drop off some great gifts for our Sydney team –

The gifts included the following goodies –

* 2 x Coke cans (only 1 in photo gave the others away)
* 4 x Beers (only 2 in photo gave the others away)
* Beach Cooler bag
* Christmas Styled Santa USB stick
* Yahoo Thongs
* Portable Ipod speakers

Yahoo Christmas Gifts
Yahoo Christmas Gifts

Thanks for the gifts Yahoo, I wonder if we will get any thing off Google this Christmas??

SEO and dealing with Web Developers

It is one of the most challenging areas of been a SEO, where you have to pass your recommendations over to a team of web developers who are some usually going to want to argue why you want to make a H1 heading on website or you will want to make some changes with their flash designs on their lovely designed website, which have have put together with much love and care and most of the time their website is like their baby, they want to protect it at all costs and do not want any changes.
I have put together some recommendations from my time working as an SEO and Social Media Specialist and dealing with some different web developers both large scale web dev companies with 100+ employees and small contractors who work by them selves.

1. Start the recommendations with the web developers as early on as possible, ideally when they are planning the website. It is highly advisable to get SEO functions in place before website goes live. This is a mistake many companies do they put the SEO process last when really the SEO recommendations should start when the CMS is been picked or the new design process is starting.

image – business hit
2. Build a good relation ship with the web developers, you have to really suck up to some degree to the wed developers because these are the guys who are going to make things happen for you. Do not just talk about business to them try and break down the business barrier and chat on a personal degree to some level i.e what are you up to on the weekend, talk about football, the weather i mean this is a point most business people know from dealing day to day.
3. Explain every thing with a reasoning, you have to have a reason for every change on a website you are going to be making, for example web developers may not understand why Title tags need to be different on each page, explain that if the title tag is on each page is the same it can cause cross site content duplication.
4. The more you know about web development the better you can talk on a like minded level with web developers. I have found that some web developers actually look down on SEO’s and try to send emails with highly technical language in them. Lucky for me I have been practicing web design and development for a few years so 99% of the time their technical terms are normal language for me. But really if you don’t understand something a web developer has take the time to ask what each point means, never be afraid to learn something new from a web developer as they have a great wealth of knowledge. It also goes both ways some times it is great to provide the web dev with some SEO insights and train them up a little more with SEO. But really it is advisable to brush up on some technical skills if you are missing them because key technical skills will assist the SEO process for all projects.
5. Make sure you know exactly what is going to be charged with your web developer. Some web developers will charge an arm and a leg so you have to be warey that your client is not going to be left with a heafty bill after your 30 minute phone call for example. You all ways have to be in your clients best interest.
Overall if you follow these recommendations and also include some of your own ways of dealing with web developers it will be a great working relation ship which is vital for the SEO process working effectively.

The Top Trends on Twitter in 2010

Here is a great list of the top Trends on Twitter 2010, this is some powerful data form Twitter to show you which terms people were tweeting the most over the last 12 months.

Overall Top Trends
• 1.Gulf Oil Spill
• 2.FIFA World Cup
• 3.Inception
• 4.Haiti Earthquake
• 5.Vuvuzela
• 6.Apple iPad
• 7.Google Android
• 8.Justin Bieber
• 9.Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
• 10.Pulpo Paul
News Events
1. Gulf Oil Spill
2. Haiti Earthquake
3. Pakistan Floods
4. Koreas Conflict
5. Chilean Miners Rescue
6. Chavez Tas Ponchao
7. Wikileaks Cablegate
8. Hurricane Earl
9. Prince Williams Engagement
10. World Aids Day
1. Justin Bieber
2. Dilma Rouseff
3. Lady Gaga
4. Julian Assange
5. Mel Gibson
6. Lil Kim
7. Zilda Arns
8. Kate Middleton
9. Kim Hee Chul
10. Joannie Rochette
1. Inception
2. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows
3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
4. Despicable Me
5. Karate Kid
6. The Last Airbender
7. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
8. The Expendables
9. The Chronicles of Narnia
10. Paranormal Activity 2
1. MTV Video Music Awards
2. Pretty Little Liars
3. True Blood
4. Walking Dead
5. Grammy Awards
6. Glee
7. Family Guy
8. CSI
9. MTV Movie Awards
10. American Music Awards
1. Apple iPad
2. Google Android
3. Apple iOS
4. Apple iPhone
5. Call of Duty Black Ops
6. New Twitter
7. HTC
8. RockMelt
9. MacBook Air
10. Google Instant
World Cup
1. FIFA World Cup
2. Vuvuzela
3. Pulpo Paul
4. Dunga
5. Diego Maradona
6. Cristiano Ronaldo
7. Cala Boca Galvao
8. Lionel Messi
9. Oranje
10. Felipe Melo
1. Lebron James
2. Wimbledon
3. Manchester United
4. Brock Lesnar
5. Celtics
6. Brett Favre
7. Tony Parker
8. Antonio Margarito
9. Blake Griffin
10. Mike Vick
1. #rememberwhen
2. #slapyourself
3. #confessiontime
4. #thingsimiss
5. #ohjustlikeme
6. #wheniwaslittle
7. #haveuever
8. #icantlivewithout
9. #thankful
10. #2010disappointments



Twitter Advanced Search – Personalized Search SEO

Personalized Search is gathering huge momentum around the world, Social Media Monitoring and social search are set to be the next big things in SEO. Today Twitter released a new update for Search engine for users who are looking for personalized search data. Check out the video below put together by Mashable –

Very interesting stuff, I can see a huge future in the Social SEO realm.

Problems with SEO MOZ tools, has gone crazy on me =)

So I use SEO MOZ tools a fair bit, along with a swagger of other SEO related tools it works quite well.

I was testing out one of their new tools in the labs section, Advanced Link Finder, seemed to work fine for a few moments and then I refreshed the screen and it went crazy on me spitting out a bunch of code. I realize these tools are not final versions yet still have never seen something like this on SEO MOZ.


I think it is back to testing for this tool =) Has any one seen a problem with a SEO MOZ tool.

How and effective pitch process can make or break business.

I think like all Australians we were saddened by the recent football world cup in 2022, Australia only came up with 1 vote out of the whole 24 possible votes! And why was this do you ask. I think it is quite evident that it came down the pitch process used.

First Australia presented by Elle McPherson, ex supermodel, She spoke briefly and then presented a cartoon which is not relevant at all to soccer and why we should hold the biggest sporting event in the world.

Then Came Qatar, who’s young presenter spoke about the future of the sport, he spoke about the legacy that other nations would benefit by them winning the right to host the cup, The video and presentation was slick and it was to the point.

I think this highlights why during a pitch process you need to be direct and to the point, you do not go off topic and you do not show irrelevant content or it will cost you dearly.

It is evident by viewing the video that this is why Australia lost the bid, I hope for the next pitch we pick up our act.

New Facebook profiles coming live today!

Here is a video I saw Facebook just release, basically Facebook are bringing out new Facebook profiles which have an emphasis on photos and the about me section seems to have been moved to the top of the page the a flash style rotating picture feed.

View the video below to check out the changes –

The only downside to any change on Facebook is people ask how do we get the old profile back! I do not want to change ect ect, so this is quite a big change for Facebook.

Will be interesting to see the impacts.