The top Bing searches for 2010 are they WRONG?

So today I noticed that Bing had released the most popular overall 2010 searches on Bing the list included the following keywords been the so called “most searched” on Bing.

1. Kim Kardashian
2. Sandra Bullock
3. Tiger Woods
4. Lady Gaga
5. Barack Obama
6. Hairstyles
7. Kate Gosselin
8. Walmart
9. Justin Bieber
10. Free

Something seemed a little wrong to me from these keywords!! Where were keywords like “Facebook” for any one in the search game it is common knowledge that “Facebook” related keywords drive the most searches.

I threw a few keywords into Google insights for search to gather a 2010 view of this data –


This shows that something like “Facebook” is about 80 times more searched then “Kim Kardashian” I feel that this google data follows through to Bing?

What are your thoughts on this data??

New Facebook Messages Spam

Well Facebook has been talking up its new messaging system, but I think their are still huge vulnerabilities with the Facebook message system I have seen several examples of people spamming this messaging system. The latest example is from a friend on my Facebook sending out un solicited messages and this spam seems to link up and re send the message to even more people. I will admit one of my personal computers were hit with DR Malware software which I was un able to remove with megabytes and also via safe mode due to the fact the malware had spread over my system files so I had to re install windows and wipe every thing. This just increases the need for Facebook to increase security for users to stop this type of stuff happening.
(live example of this spam on Facebook, I have removed user names)



Black Hat SEO

So I am always on the look out to see what websites are using less then favorable SEO tactics, A co-worker and SEO expert showed me this sneaky SEO Black hat use from a website in the Netherlands and they also have a international website. What these guys are doing is using a hidden H1 tag with a bunch of keywords reducing the size to a crazy low pixel level, they also have a scrolling box filled with a huge amount of these which they are trying to pass off as a banner I think. I mean this is not crazy black hat but it is not good! Check out the image below –

black hat seo
black hat seo

Any one else have examples of Black hat SEO you have seen please post them below!

3D Advertising in Australia

Tonight I went to the launch of a new 3D tourism TVC, I was quite surprised at the amount of work that is involved with crating a 3D commercial 4 times the effort of a normal commercial and to think even creating a 3D movie is on another level. The client which was Tourism NT had a 1 minute commercial made in 3D and to be honest it was pretty good the effects were great and I can really see big things for the future of 3D TVC’s. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that the usage rates of 3D TV in Australia are quite low in comparison to overseas markets, yet I guess been an innovative ad campaign it wins all the award for innovation.

The reason for this post is that do you see 3D making it’s way to the online work? I mean will we see websites in 3D in the near future? Possibly…..What is your view on this readers?

Google Pleace Review Data Sucks

I recently posted about Google Place Problems on my blog and the more and more I research into Google places the more problems you find. Take a look at the number one Places listing for “Hotels Sydney” This term gets around 6,000 searches a month so traffic is quite good one would think. Yet taking a look at the type of reviews Google allows they are obviously not the high quality you would expect, you would think their is at least a word limit some one has written a review consisting of “Hi” other reviews are just random scrapings it looks like.

google places reviews
google places reviews

I think Google needs to clean up this mess as business’s who have invested in SEO for organic listings now need to compete with these new changes in Places listings yet you would never advise a client to use “dodgy” tactics like the ones I have been seeing in places listings around the world.

Google Universal Search Take Over

Check out this Google Universal Search Take Over which is happening for the search term “wooh da kid” What comes up is a large image unit and then followed by Video units. The bad thing about this is that it takes organic listings below the fold, I think it shows that Google thinks these are the best type of results to show users as the websites which rank for this keyword are all low quality. Yet this is very interesting to see a full search take over of universal like this has any one else seem something similar for another keyword?

universal search take over
universal search take over

Myspace integrates Facebook Like Data

MySpace users can now log in using Facebook and leverage their collection of Facebook “Likes” to instantly create a highly personalized entertainment experience on MySpace. MySpace already announced and launched their new entertainment-focused mission, and Facebook has been integrated into more than one million websites. Do you feel this new move to see Facebook data on Myspace will have a impact on the user base of the once number 1 social portal.

The video below shows the changes that we can expect to see on Myspace –

Mashup your Facebook Likes on Myspace

Myspace | Myspace Video

Twitter Local Trends for Australia and Analytics

So Twitter has not been showing much love for Australia, to date they do not have an office in here and many clients have been asking questions about Twitter for the past 2 years+.

Finally Twitter has been showing some signs of love for the Australian market with the release of Australian Twitter trending topics for the local market which have been needed for some time due to the fact all our trending topics were from the USA market which was a bit confusing this new change will show local trending topics from the Australian market which is a real plus for this market.

Furthermore Twitter has boosted its analytic offering and is now going to offer a new Twitter analytic product which is going to be great for any one who wants to track things on the twitter platform and give detailed insights for clients.

As Twitter is a must for any social SEO strategy I think these developments are great for Twitter and I look forward to more growth in the Australian market for Twitter.

Twitter Trends Australia
Twitter Trends Australia

Bing and Facebook Social Search SEO Video

I blogged some time ago about the changes which have been happening with Bing and how search is becoming
more social and integrating Facebook data.

I noticed this when using Bing before, that these new changes had been integrated, where if you search for peoples names
it brings up Facebook data based on your connections.

Also when you search for a product or service if your friends have liked this specific product it will show
highly in results.

This puts emphasis on making sure that you have developed your Facebook Social Media and SEO strategy in unison, it also is crucial that you develop your SEO capabilities with the open graph API on Facebook and when you integrate Facebook buttons on your website that you use suitable keywords.

I can see a big future in social media and SEO and been involved with both for the last few years these moves are very interesting to me.

Check out the video below for more insight into this Bing move –