Google Maps Change for Organic Listings

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Google has made some interesting changes to their maps listings, this will see the map listing moved to the right and organic listings moved to the center. This removes the old 10 pack listings which were used previously. This change is an interesting one and I am sure it will have an impact for websites […]

Google Test – Organic Listing Preview

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Here is something Google has been testing for the last few weeks, a preview for all Google organic listings. If this change takes place it will have a huge effect on CTR levels for websites with a poor design, so now more then ever design is a important SEO aspect, it will lift the quality […]

New Myspace Layout rolls out today!

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Myspace has released a new layout today which will see the website fight back against strong competition from market leaders such as Facebook and Twitter, which have been dominating the market for the last 2 years. Myspace once has dominance and pretty much owned the social media space before the new players came into the […]

The power of Exact Match domains for SEO!

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Ok so alot of talk over the last few weeks in the SEO world has been around the power of exact match domain names and how Google favours them in serp’s results. It is very common knowledge that if you have a exact match .com such as and you want to rank on page […]


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Saw this very good use of social media to promote the new SAW 3D movie, they set up a fake photo booth and see the result below –

Google Images + Instant = Not so family Friendly

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Google instant has taken search engines by storm, yet Google has forgotten to update its “Family” friendly attitude to its image search algo, with several less then family friendly search terms showing within Google image suggestion boxes – Typing A-Z in Google Image search we see the following problems – Keyword G – girls with […]

Bing introducing Facebook Like data in Search

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A very interesting movement last week with Bing introducing Facebook Like data in Search algorithm, what this means now is that if you like a piece of content or a page on Facebook, now when your friends or inner community on Facebook use Bing they will see a section for this “liked” content, this just […]

Top Buzz websites for brands in Australia

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Ever wondered what was the most buzziest channel for people mentioning your brand name online, well a recent study by the Digital Brand Index in australia has shown that Twitter is the number one most buzziest channel followed by whirlpool forums and then Over Clockers forums. these channels provide a huge number of brand mentions, […]

Facebook Places is the TOP dog in Location apps

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Well it has only taken around 1 month and now Facebook Places is officially the largest location based application on the market, It has taken the top spot from other location based services such as Gowola and Foursquare in little to no time. It was obvious Facebook as going to be able to achieve such […]

Bing now confirms CTR is a organic ranking Factor.

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Bing has confirmed that CTR is now a factor in its Ranking algorithm, Bing has confirmed this at the SMX east. This has been confirmed by Steve Tullis a senior manager at Bing. Google has stated that CTR is not a important factor in their ranking algorithm. Another interesting development is that Firefox is now […]