Facebook Places Rolled out in Australia

Facebook Places Rolled out in Australia.

Well today Facebook has launched new Facebook places Australia at 10am EST, business listings are also released on Facebook Places, this is a very cool add on for Facebook it means you can now add a business location using a similar format to Google Local Places and foursquare.

I find this very interesting for Australian users because we have something like 9.6 million active users and something like 1/4 is a mobile user, basically this means around 2.15 million are using Facebook places. How many users will be using Facebook places
around the CBD. I think this has huge potential more in fact then Google Maps.

Another interesting point is you can merge Facebook places and Facebook Pages listings.

Here are some images from Facebook places in Australia in action –

Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia

Twitter down yet no FAIL Whale

Well its seems Twitter is down yet again, instead of the fail whale we now see a new image –

Twitter fail
Twitter fail

Posts I made on SEO MOZ blog & Facebook

So as any one in the SEO business knows SEO MOZ is one of the biggest sites out their for SEO news and a few days ago I had some of my content posted up on their Blog and Facebook. I hope to get more great SEO and Content out to the world soon I have soo much information to share, but remember this blog is where the posts come first. Thank you for all the comments and emails so far =)

SEOMoz James Norquay
SEOMoz James Norquay

SEOMoz James Norquay two
SEOMoz James Norquay two

So who owns what percentage of Facebook?

Ok So as many of you know Forbes rich list was released in the USA yesterday,

As many people know Zuckerbery was said to be worth 6.9 Billion, Also some lesser known
Facebook founders have also made the “rich list” with net worths of 1 Billion+, these unknown guys
own decent percentages of Facebook and I thought I would break down some ESTIMATES on who owns what!

So I thought who owns what percentage of the company and I have located some
“Very rough” figures of company owner ship numbers –

Here are some details on who owns what

Mark Zuckerberg 24% stake.
Accel Partners 10% stake.
Dustin Moskovitz 6% Stake.
Digital Sky Technologies 5% stake.
Eduardo Saverin 5% stake.
Sean Parker 4% stake.
Peter Thiel 3% stake.
Greylock Partners 2% stake.
Meritech Capital Partners 2% stake.
Microsoft 1.3% stake.
Li Ka-shing 0.75% stake.
Interpublic Group 0.5% stake.
Matt Cohler 1% stake.
Jeff Rothschild 1% stake.
Chris Hughes 1% stake.
Owen Van Natta 1% stake.
Reid Hoffman a 1.25% stake.
Mark Pincus 1.25% stake.
Employees and outside investors 30% stake.

Please note this data is sourced form Wikipedia and my own research, these figures are only a guide and are not accurate.

BP.com bad press = CRAZY LINK JUICE

As we all know BP has been under some strife recently due to their massive oil spill.

Well pretty much every PR company, News site and random blog in the world and news source has linked back to the BP website, the bad thing is that these links are from negative sources. The good point is that this is one crazy amotun of LINK JUICE for BP.

Check out this graph from Majestic SEO –

BP Backlinks
BP backlinks SEO

What do mail.com and Creditcard.net.au have in common?

Well you may ask what do the domains Mail.com and Creditcard.net.au have in common? The answer is that they are both keyword rich domains which both work great for SEO! Keyword rich domains are an important SEO metric and also a important metric for type in traffic something like 10 PERCENT of all internet users do not use search engines they go straight to the search bar and type in “KEYWORD.com” “KEYWORD.com.au” ect ect

For all of you who don’t know I am quite into domain names buying and selling and just tinkering around with domains for development and SEO value. I personally own around 70 domains. I have been into domains for around 6 years and have purchased and sold some good ones and some bad ones =)

Over the last week I have seen two very healthy sales for domains which have drawn my attention to keyword rich domains and their value not only for SEO yet for branding.

Yesterday the domain name creditcard.net.au sold for over $15,000 this is a very very high amount for a .net.au domain yet I can see the merit in it because credit cards are a huge money maker from not only a CPA view point but also CPM and CPC on your website.

Whilst in the USA boy Genius Report sold the domain Mail.com and website for a sum between 75-100 million its a lot of the .net.au sale but the connection is their keyword rich domains will hold their value in any market if its the smaller Australian domain market or the US commercial domain market.

If you want to read more about domains in australia I recommend DNtrade.com.au and for overseas markets check out DNjournal.com

Making Viral Videos using Auto Tune

Well it seems one of the hottest web trends at the moment is to make a auto tune remix of a viral video.

Two recent examples of companies and bands who have jumped on the band wagon are the bed intruder auto tune remix and
the “Dude don’t burn the Koran” video which both went viral. the Bed Intruder track had a much larger impact online gather around 25 million views and was a top 100 hit on the American charts. the Dude Koran video did

Auto Tune Remix 1

Auto tune remix 2

As you can see in the second example they are using some good link baiting ideas with a link in the description of the video and also a watermark link.

I would advise on the following for viral videos been uploaded to Video websites –

1. Link in the description.
2. Link in the video title if possible.
3. Tags on the video for relevant terms.
4. Adding a water mark to the video.
5. Adding as much content as possible to the video discretion.
6. Adding add on’s to the video i.e. little tabs which pop up at specific times to drive users to destinations.

Coca Cola Australia using Foursquare

Coca Cola Australia using Foursquare

I noticed that Coca Cola Australia has recently set up a Foursquare compentition.
Basically what this competition involves is:

1. Adding the coke machine fairy to Foursquare as a friend, then they will send you clues
to your mobile about where the Coke fairy is heading.

2. The coke faily will then place a winning bottle in the machine each day.

3. Be number one to get to that machine then you will recieve a prize.

4. Shout out that you are their with the winning bottle then the fairy will arrive with a prize.

At the moment we are half way into September and I see only 682 friends on the page, I guess the user rates in Sydney are not crazy for Foursquare yet I would have expected a few more.

Coca Cola Foursquare
Coca Cola Foursquare

Deadmau5 Site hacked and Blackhat SEO

Hi all I mentioned a few days ago that some one had hacked into the Deadmau5 website and also their webmaster tools account and added Viagra affiliate links.

I am surprised they have not still picked up this, the site is run by Virgin records and I have tried to email them.

Looking at the source code the hackers have used black hat in a hidden DIV to add a large amount of links to adult websites –

deadmau5 code Black hat source code
deadmau5 code Black hat source code

Another point is that this site is going crazy at the moment on Google Trends –

deadmau5 google trends
deadmau5 google trends

Search Engine Ranking Factors by SEOmoz Top 5

Top SEO Ranking Factors
Top SEO Ranking Factors

I noticed this graph today I have seen it numerous times before, but thought I would post it on my blog =)

According to data from SEO moz here are the top five ranking factors in SEO –

1) Keyword Focused anchor texts in external links.

2) External link popularity quality and quantity of external links.

3) Diversity of link sources links from many unique link root domains.

4) Keyword use in the title tag.

5) Trustworthiness of the domain based on link distance form trusted domains.

Whilst I think this top 5 is quite strong, I feel [Exact] Keyword in the domain should be high up on the list!!

What are your top 5 ranking factors, please post them up here =)