How to show map extensions and sitelinks in page google ads?

How to show map extensions and site links in page Google ads?

Well as many in the paid search world know Google recently allowed Adwords users to use site links and map listings for brand terms.
It was a great way to drive a higher CTR to a brand website, yet Google then turned its back on the original decision and decided
to make users pick between 1. A map extension 2. Site link extension. Today a search specialist at my work had a chat with a Google
product specialist and have have said if you want both site links and map extensions “The Quality Score must be significantly high”
this is not a accurate number of how much quality score or other metrics you need, but it shows that it is possible to achieve
both site links and site maps at the same time on paid ads.

Don’t mess with Animals or Social Media will get you!

Don’t mess with Animals or Social Media will get you!

Well I think most people are aware of the mean cat lady who last week put a poor innocent Kitty into a bin for no reason,
I am not really a cat person, I am more of a dog person but still it makes my blood boil to see this type of thing happening
to poor innocent animals.

Here is a new report of What originally happened.

As you know this video cause quite a stir in the world and now thanks to social media people have come back
in a big way !!

1. We saw the viral video “Revenge of the cat” be made where we see a cat place the woman in the bin! –

2. we saw a viral Facebook page be made “Cat Lady should do time in a bin”

3. We saw a Twitter page be made “Cat Bin Lady” which now has close to 12k followers!!

People need to watch and learn if you are mean to animals their is going to be a social media revolt against you,
you will have your image wrecked for life. So if you are thinking about hurting a poor innocent animal in the future
DON’T do it because you could be left with a very poor social media image.

Facebook Product and Policy Updates Aug/Sept 2010

Facebook Product and Policy Updates – August/ September 2010

If you run Facebook pages for clients or for a personal basis you can expect a few changes over the next week –

The following changes and when they take place –

August 25th – Resizing Facebook Page and Profile tabs to 520px wide.
August 25th – Messaging on users own profiles that we’re removing Boxes and the Boxes tab.
September 1st – Removing boxes, app info sections, and the boxes tab from Facebook Pages.

Make sure to take note of all these important changes as they will effect all pages on Facebook.

Yahoo’s Results for Organic search Now Come From Bing

Yahoo’s Results for Organic search Now Come From Bing

Bing and Yahoo SEO
Bing and Yahoo SEO

For US and Canada users the search transition is now complete, All Yahoo search results
will be showing Bing organic results. Yahoo SVP of search said that he is proud
to announce that the transition of organic search between Yahoo and Bing is now

Bing said that they are happy that Bing is not powering Yahoo search results in the US
and Canada, English is the only language currently yet others will follow in the coming

This is great news for the two companies who will hopefully be able to join market share
together to combat Google as a power house in search. This means their equated search
volume is now close to 30% against Google’s 60+%.

Over 90% of branded Viral Videos FAIL!

A recent study by New Media Age has shown that over 90% of branded viral videos fail to gain significant traction amoung targeted users.

In the study by New Media Age they took over 200 viral videos into consideration and it showed that only 17 video from the 200 actually went viral. this data shows that only 8% of videos actually met their desired result.

some stand out videos were P&G’s old spice video series and Nike’s Write the Future world cup campaign. Nikes viral video series was shared over 300,000+ times on Facebook and over 30,000+ times on Twitter.

Their is also the long running Blendtec video series which has been a social success for many years on Youtube, a high majority of the companies sales have been derived from the Youtube channel.

View the Blendtec video here –

Radian6 Social Media Monitoring Australia

Radian6 Social Media Monitoring is one of the top tools in the market at the moment in Australia for social media monitoring. Along side market competitors like Nielson Buzz Metrics and Buzz Numbers, a race is taking place to be the top Social Media Monitoring software. What do you think is the top piece of software for the Australian marketplace at the moment?

Check out this great Radian6 Social Media Monitoring Video

Tag Length Recommendations for SEO

Here is another great image which contain tag length recommendations for Search engines, This information is crucial when you are developing page meta data and title tags if you do not take note of these points you will be left with cut off tags.

These are the recommendations based on the image –

Google Title Tag – 66-69 – characters
Google Meta descriptions – 156-158 characters
Google URL – 75-92 characters

Bing Title Tag – 67-72 characters
Bing Meta descriptions – 176-184 characters
Bing URL – 91-94 characters

Yahoo Title Tag – 64-65 characters
Yahoo Meta descriptions – 164-190 characters
Yahoo URL – 65-80 characters

SEO tag length reccomendations
SEO tag length reccomendations

SEO Pyramid

Saw a great slide in a presentation from SEOMOZ. What is interesting about this image is that it shows a Pyramid based on SEO and the sections which are part of it.

The key aspects from this image are that the foundations of the SEO pyramid are Content, Bot Access and XML site maps.
Keyword targeting is the next key ingredient of the pyramid followed by Link building which is one of the most important sections and then finally social is at the top, I think Social SEO will be even more crucial in the near future.

SEO Pyramid
SEO Pyramid

Image credit –

Live updating Google results a new add on?

These videos have been around for a while for potential changes to the Google search box to allow for “Live updating” on Google results, I guess this could become annoying to some extent and it would also have a high impact on misspellings and also universal search would play a massive role in this.

But yeah interesting development by Google we will see how this pans out over the next few months, check out the example from the video below –

Election Day Australia Facebook Widget

So today is election day in Australia and Facebook have added a unique election day widget to every ones home pages, this is the first time I have seen such a thing on Facebook, it will be interesting to see how many people click submit on this widget by the end of today.

Australia Election Facebook Widget
Australia Election Facebook Widget